Sunday, December 28, 2008

Krissmas Aftermath

Cool, paper tunnel guys, I think I'll just hang out under it for a few minutes.

Just because the cat goes in the paper by himself, you have to cover him in the paper some more? Ok, sounds good to me.
Alright, paper fun time is over, I'm going to find out what was wrapped inside.
We hope efurryone had a wonderful Krissmas!!! Ours was pretty pawsome.

Oh, and by the way, today I am 10 months old. Only 2 more months till official man-catness.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Fin, Feather and Furr Gang!!!

And to everyone who has sent us those totally pawsome Christmas cards in the mail, we loved them all and thank you very much. Have a wonderful holiday!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Krissmiss preparations

I have learned about Krissmiss decorations this weekend. I have learned that they are colorful and shiny and sometimes make jingle bell noise, I have also learned that I am not supposed to touch them, which is dissappointing for me, because they are fun to play with. Here is me helping to wrap presents:

Another totally fascinating thing is that the peepul brought a real live tree in the house. It is a tasty tree to chew on, I get sticky stuff in my furrs from it sometimes, but I like to walk under it and gnaw on it.
What was even more interesting was that they put lights, and shiny things all over it. They made sure to not put any breakable ormanents down at the bottom, so I can't knock them off.
I am not sure how long this Krissmiss excitement is going to last, but I'm having fun with it so far.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Farewell Skeeter

Goodbye Skeeter, one of my first cat blogosphere friends. I will miss you always. I am going to go play with cat dancer that you and LC &Ayla sent to me, I will play in your honor. My Mum and I are both very sad about your passing, but know in our hearts that you are at peace now.

Note: I borrowed this cute Skeeter graphic from the M-Cats club.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Mum's a fish saver!

My peepul went to a krissmis party the other night, they got all dressed up in festive outfits and left me all alone with the berd until like it was nearly bed time. When they came home, they brought some things that they had won from the raffles, they got a coffee cup, Starbucks beans in a bag and some things in envelopes, these are all things that are typical krissmis party winnings. However, there was something else with them, a white foam cup. What was in this cup you ask?

These guyz...

At the party the tables were decorated festively. As the center piece there were big glasses of water, they were like margarita glasses but bigger and they had floating candles in them. There was also a gold fishy in the water swimming around in the glass. My Mum thought it was really kyoot but also felt bad for them, because she didn't know what was going to happen at the end of the party. When the party was over, no one had said anything about what was gonna happen to the fishies, so some body at their table went around and collected all of the fishies in a cup and gave them to my Mum. She brought them home and put them in Phin's empty tank, she is not sure how long they are going to live since they went through alot of traveling and stress, but she is going to feed them and make them right at home. So now we have phins back in our gang.

This is how I feel about these new fish friends... Whatever.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Another week, no pictures and turkey talk

My mum has been slackin and hasn't been taking pictures of me much lately. I don't know why, I am the kyootest thing in the house, or as she sings to me "you're sooo kyootiful". If I am so kyootiful, it needs to be documented on memory cards with pictures and videos.
We had a good thanksgiving, lots of yummy juicy turkey was eaten. I even got to try some. My wresslin buddy told my mum and me that turkey is good for healthy kitty paws, it makes my claws strong and paw pads soft. I hope this is true, and if it is I hope I get more turkey often, otherwise, my feet might fall off. You hear that peepul, you must give me turkey, lots and lots of turkey.
I've been being good lately, I haven't run out the door this week, I think that makes the peepul happy, but it's kinda boring for me. I got a new toy, it's a long furry cheetah tail on a stick, my mum swings it around and I attack it, it's really cool, maybe Mum will take a picture of me playing with it soon.

Here is an older picture of me, just so there is something to look at.


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