Sunday, May 31, 2009

Writer at heart

It's true, I'm a writer at heart. My first toy was a red pencil, and ever since I've loved to grab pens and pencils. I'll take them out of the pen cup, off the table, even try to grab them from the peepul if they are writing something. I love them. One time I stole a pen and took it to the couch to play with it, it marked on the cloth a little bit, rubbing alcohol took it right out though so I didn't get in trouble.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


This is where I spent my Saturday Caturday afternoon. What a blissfully lazy day I had!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh great!!!

Mum broke the blog!!! She saved the template when she was messin with new templates, but apparently the html for the widgets did not save too. Oh no, guess we have to spend time redoing them all now. I'm going to take a nap while she fixes it...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My New Title

My new title around the house is: "Official Licker of Strawberries". I like to grab the hand of whoever is eating the strawberries and pull them to me so I can lick em, and lick em, and lick em, and lick em...
I don't bite them, that is why Mum and the WB eat most of it first then, let me lick it. I luv luv luv to lick strawberries, until my tongue goes numb

Friday, May 22, 2009

Got Me Day

Happy Gotcha Day William!! Luv Mum

Today, the 23rd of May, is exactly one year since the day that my peepul came and got me out of the shelter in Santa Maria California. Everybody else calls it Gotcha Day, but since I'm the one that was "Got", I call it GotMe Day. Hehe.

It has been a wonderful first year with my peepul. There have been fun times and times when I've been hollered at. All of the times have helped us to bond. I luv both my Mum and my Wresslin Buddy.
Let's recap some of the things that have happened this year, in no special order, some with illustrations, some without.

1. There was that one time that a skwerl ran by the back of the house and the glass part of the sliding door was open, but the screen part was there. I saw that skwerl and had to chase it, I busted through that screen like no body's business. I failed to get the skwerl and got in trouble for breaking the door.

2. I have been able to save the peepul from several moths that have entered the house. I knock them to the floor and lick all their fuzz off their backs so they can't fly, then I smack them around until they go ded. If it wasn't for me, those moths would have eaten Mum's sweaters.

3. I've been locked in the closet and the spare room several times, it gives me all kinds of time to explore those places and then when the peepul come home, they are scared that I'm gone, but then they find me and hug me and stuff.

4. I've learned that I LOOOOVE Meow Mix Market Selects stinky goodness. I see that little tub of food and I get all excited. Unless it is the chicken kind, I'm not a fan of the chicken kind. I luv luv luv Crab and Salmon flavor, and Tuna and Shrimp flavor.

5. My mum has let me pick the kind of food that I want to eat, by letting me having samples of different kinds until she sees the one that I gobble up. I am eating Innova Cat and Kitten dry food, it's tasty.

6. I want to become friends with the berd still, I try to get close to her, I even try to put my paw around her to cuddle, but all that happens is she screeches at me and Mum hollers at me. I'll keep trying.

7. I tried to go into marketing for the Zesta cracker company, by showing off thier box in a very fashionable way. Mum emailed them pictures, they weren't interested. I guess it's because I wasn't eating the crackers, only playing with the empty box, they should be happy to know that someone ate the crackers. They don't know a good way to sell these things when they see one.

8. I've helped Mum do the laundry and make the bed a bunch of times. She always tells me how helpful I am.

9. I've learned that I despise suitcases. When it comes out that means one of my beloved peepul is leaving me, sometimes they both go. It's awful.

10. Thankfully I got out of that phase where I enjoyed taking showers. That's not what cat's are supposed to do.

11. I met my 3rd best friend, my little buddy that I carry around and beat the beans out of: Ping

12. of course the best thing is that I got this blog and I've told you all about my adventures, and met many great blog friends. I have even got mail and prizes from some of you and that is the coolest thing.
13. My favorite place of all, in the whole wide world, is in my Mum's lap. Here is a shot of me in her lap last year around this time. See how small and kyoot I was...
Now look at me, she can barely fit all of my big manly catness on her lap, I got legs dangling all over the place...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mum's Day

I hear that today is Mum's Day, I have no money, so I am going to write a nice ode to my Mum for her.

I luv my Mum because she luvs me.
She buys me good food that makes me big and strong.
I get to eat Meow Mix Stinky goodnesss, it's so good I ask for it by it's name.
I also got to pick my new dry food, she gave me 3 choices and I chose the one I liked best. How many Mum's let their kids pick the food they want?
She has a great, and I mean super pawsome wonderfully warm and comfurble lap for me to nap in.
She buys me toys, and sometimes makes toys for me too.
She lets me surf on the counter in the kitchen. (Ok, maybe she doesn't LET me, I do it for a few seconds then I'm told to get down)
She gives me lots of pats and rubs and scritches all over.
She keeps me inside where the kyotees and the big white kitty can't get me (can't say I totally appreciate this)
She encourages the WB to wressle with me, wresslin is my next favorite thing next to sleeping in her lap.
She's a great kitty mom, she even calls me her furry son.
As you can see, I luv my Mum and she luvs me!!


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