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Where have I been????

Well my Mum has been travelling lots for the past few weeks and she hasn't had time to help me blog. She promised that she is going to stay home and work on this base for awhile now and not leave again until next month. Yay! Lap time at night whenever I want. Another thing that has happened is that the WB's work schedule changed and he is not home with us at night time, it's kind of weird because he comes home when we are all supposed to be sleeping, so he usually sits up and watches TV with me for a little while when he gets home every night. They changed my routine and I don't totally like that, but I have adjusted to it.

I have been doing stuff with the peepul when they are both home and here are some of the things I've been up to...

First off, the coolest of all things, Mum has been taking me outside on the leash again. One time I almost climbed a tree just like my friend Ayla does sometimes. Here I am almost up a tree:

Am I doing it right? I got my back claws …

Skwerl Relations.

Do you see it?
I see it!It moved! Come closer...
I want to see him closer, I need to start up some "peace talks" with the skwerls.

"Hey! Hello! Mr. or Ms. Skwerl, I would like to ask you some questions. I know, I know, you don't have a habit of talking to cats. I'm a nice cat, I've never eaten a kyoot woodland creature in all of my life. I would like to be friends. See the wild waving of my tail, that means happiness and joy! "

Aw, bummer he didn't believe me and ran away.


Lookin sly.

The room is too bright, I must bury my face in your arm.

The kyootness is really a disguise for a very devious little thief.

Eyebrow illumination: The most important photographic element.

I am not too big for this box, don't guess for a second that I am.