Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Will somebody tell my Mum...

Guyz, my Mum and WB took a whole bunch of pictures of me outside the other day. She's outta town right now, but tell her that she needs to get them off the camera as soon as she comes home tomorrow and put em up on here. There are some good action shots!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Shopping Spree!!

Lookit what I found! It came in the mail the other day, Mum was all excited because she got $70 from the Verizon people from the rebate for the new phones. She thinks she is going to go get her hair done, and a massage or some craziness. Don't tell her, but I am taking the card. I have a wish list.
I looked up buying my own fish hatchery on the innernets, can you imagine...fresh fish to eat everyday! UnfortunatelyI couldn't find any for less than $80,000, I don't think my card can buy that. I have decided to be more reasonable for my list. I think I want one of those cool Snoozepal hammocks:

I can buy the hammock and still have money left over. What else do I want to get on my shopping spree? I think I'll get some toys, some nip and some gormay stinky goodness. Do you guys think that this a good choice of things to buy with my monies? What would you buy?

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Here are some of the different facial expressions that I make and it always gets the peepul thinking "I wonder what he would say if he could talk", along with some translations.

This is my "beggin face". "Hey WB, whatcha eatin? Can I haz sum?"

My "Not So Happy Face". "I'm lookin a little cross here, don't take my picture, I'm not in the mood."

My "Scholarly Face". "I am a cat, I am smarter than you"

My "Suspishus Face". "Excuse me, what are you doing? Why are you sneaking up on me like that?"

Lazer beems?? No way, I gots HIGH beems!!!


No I'm not talking about the ham like stuff that comes in can, but email SPAM.    I'm sure glad that my Gmail pays attention to ...