Friday, October 29, 2010

National Cat Day!!

Did you know that us cats have our own holiday? Today Oct. 29th is National Cat Day. It is a day that all humans are supposed to show love to cats. I guess every day is National Cat Day. MOL! My Mum celebrated with me by giving me real live dead toona in the can on the counter. I got to slurp up the toona joose straight from the container, then she put some on a plate and I ate it all up. I didn't have the whole can, don't worry, I'll have more tomorrow I hope.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cat show for shelter cats

You may recall that a few weeks ago my Mum came home with a very funny smelling T-shirt. Well I just realized that I never explained it.
On Saturday mornings she has been going to the Lompoc Animal Shelter and helping the kitties who are currently living in the shelter. She said that some of them are there because they got lost when they went outside, some were abandoned and some were given up by their owners. I am just shocked that someone who had once pledged to provide a furrever home to a nice kitty decided to fall back on that. Us kitties are not to be thrown out like trash. I wmas once a shelter kitty, I feel sorry for all of those who are shelter kitties now. I am glad that she is helping them though. A few weekends ago the organization that she works with C.A.P.A. (Companion Animal Placement Assistance) went to the Santa Barbara Cat Show. They took with the several shelter kitties, and entered them in the household pet division of the competition. Several of them won ribbons showing everyone that you don't have to be a show cat to win prizes.

This is Waldo, he placed 9th best.

This is Celeste. She is very sweet, cute and has really long legs. She placed 4th in the show for household pets, not too shabby. She returned to the shelter with all of her ribbons and was adopted two days later, now she is in her new home.

These kitties, Marble on the left and Bob and Bertie on the right did ok at the show, but didn't get a new home out of the deal unfortunately. Marble got a little bitey when he was in the show ring, that didn't go over well with the judge.

Overall about 7 kitties got new homes by going to the cat show, which is really awesome.

In addition to the C.A.P.A. cats that were there, she saw many professional show cats. I don't know if I'd get along well with show cats, they sound like they are too prissy for me. But, by looking at the pictures, they look just like regular cool cats, actually they look kind of bored.

Here are some meezer types:

And a nice floofy fellow:
This guy has backwards ears, he's an American Fold:
Edit:Thanks Sparkle for letting me know that the name of this cat is actually American Curl, not Fold. I guess I was thinking of the Scottish Fold cat and changing his place of birth. MOL!! The ears on American Folds, actually fold forward, not curl backward, I googled it.

Those are just a few of the breeds that she saw, there were many others, there were even some for sale. She said there was a retired show cat, really retired? As if cats do such hard work that they have to retire. He was on sale for $350, I guess that is a lot of moneys.

I totally could have won best in show! She should have entered me! I can even be like an American Fold um, I mean Curl, if you want me to be

Monday, October 18, 2010

Puppet Master William

This is how I do my blog posts. I sit like this and use my Mum's arms like she's a puppet to type on the keyboard.

Really though, we just thought this Skype photo that the WB took was pretty darn hilarious. Meowing out loud!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lazer Cats!

I pierce through your camera lens with my lazer beems in hopes that you stop flashing it at me.

I'm zappin things over there too. Lazers are shooting around the house at light speed. Watch out Mum, don't get in the way, you too berd!
Well, maybe we can just see what happens when the berd gets zapped by my beems of doom. [insert evil laugh here] Mee ah ha ha.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The card my WB got

I haven't seen the WB is what seems like years (2.5 months), Mum talks to him in the computer. I don't know where he is except that he is in a desert and on a deployment. I wish he would come back here.
The card above was written by my cousins Sammie and Smokey, they sent this to him from North Carolina. They are two handsome furry tabby mancats. They live with my Gram and Grandad, I think that they are cousins...maybe they are Uncles actually. I don't know. You can read it and hear about their adventures. I think they should start a blog too, they are pretty good writers.
This was a nice card, Mum actually sent one just like it to him about a month ago.

Sunday Thoughts

(For the record, I did not doze off watching the wall. There had been a fly up above that I was trying to get. I was waiting him out.)

What to say...
Not much going on around here. Mum was home a few extra days last week, she wasn't feeling well. It was nice to not have to stay home by myself, and she did stay in bed with me for many hours each day. but, was she kind of infringing on my me time though. I have a lot to do during the day when she is at work. I couldn't do those things with her around, then she would know my cat secrets. I guess I wasn't much of a nurse kitty, but she kept hollering at me when I'd try to sit on her, I guess I'm heavy and I press too hard on an upset tummy. She's better now though.

She finally went to buy new filters for my water fountain. It was beginning to taste unpure.


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