Saturday, July 30, 2011

Samuel Saturday

Today is Samuel Saturday.
My favorite human has returned from wherever he has been for all this time. I have missed him. The "Mama" Bird is ok, but the "Boyfriend" Bird is way better in my opinion. I have decided that I may lay some eggs in his honor. I am seriously considering that this will be something that he will appreciate as a welcome home gift.
We'll let you know what happens, if that cat will give me more air time on the blog next week.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The WB has returned!

Hi everfurrybody!

I wanted to share with you all that my favorite Wresslin Buddy has returned after a long time being gone away. It has taken me a few days to get used to him being here, but he's been here a week and it seems like things are getting back to normal now. Things got a bit heated during our first wressling match, I get kind of vishus when I wressle. The peepul cut my claws a few days after these pictures, I'm not able to be quite as vishus now.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Egg Bowl

Mum made scrambled eggz this morning. I got to lick the egg bowl!
Plus the hots are going away outside.
Today is a good day.

Have a great caturday efurryone!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


We are having a heet wave around here, its been this way for 4 days and my hairs are trying to fall out. Mum brushed me today and pulled off 2 brush fulls for the 2nd time since Sunday. I'm shedding! I've never had to shed before, it's never been warm like this for so many days. Ok ok, I'm exzajerating just a bit, it's not THAT hot, not hots like the WB had where he is, but for here, it's pretty warm! Its warm to the point that I didn't even sleep in the bed with Mum last night, I stayed out in the living room sleeping in the driving chair. She was wondering where I was all night, but I think she realized that I didn't like the temperature in the bedroom.
I know some California kitties are up where it is hundreds of degrees, I feel for you guys, it's not that hot down here, and we are coastal, but the warms that I am feeling is bad enough for me.

Now the sun has gone away so the temp is cooling and I can go out on the concrete out back and roll.

This is not me right now, I am not sitting on a lap today, but this is my annoyed face:


No I'm not talking about the ham like stuff that comes in can, but email SPAM.    I'm sure glad that my Gmail pays attention to ...