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Exploration photos

Here is a photo documentary of my adventures at Grandma's house.

Adventures at Grandma's house

Yesterday and today have been pretty good ones. I haven't seen that other kitty at all, so that makes it good right away. I've got to explore around inside the downstairs without worrying about Smokey, because Mum is able to close doors between us. I've checked out the dining room and the piano room, and also have learned about going up and down stairs. I've never done stairs before this weekend, I'm really good at it now. My new house has some stairs from what I've heard, so its nice that I get to practice before we move in. Yesterday I actually got in the other kittie's litterboxes, I hope they weren't too offended, its not like I did any business in them, I just dug around a little bit.

I was allowed to go out in the yard on a leash the past few days. That was fun. They have all kinds of trees, and of course in trees there are birds and also skwerls. There are lots and lots of sights, sounds and smells. I wandered around for a long time thi…

Happy Thanksgiving

Its Thanksgiving day, we are at my Grammie and Grampy's house for some amount of time. I had to ride in the PTU to get here, that was no fun. Then we got here and I'm set down in the living room and immediately there is another cat in my sight. So , I hissed at him, I've never met another cat face to face, and being in a strange house, with new peepul, I was a lot stressed out. They let me out when the other cat, who's name is Smokey went out in the porch. It was kind of fun exploring, there were lots of smells to smell. The WB's dad, tried to pet me, but I wasn't in the mood, so I hissed at him, them WB tried to console me, which I wasn't in the mood for either, so I hissed ar him too, I think I even hissed at Mum. At that point it was all a blur and I was just hissed off and angery at everyone. There was a close meeting with Smokey later on, I made noises at him that even I didn't know I was able to do, the peepul were freaked out. Smokey was u…

Hams and an upcoming adventure

I got a speshul treat last night. The peepul were having some ham and Mum shared several cubes of it with me. I love HAM, its probably like one of my favorite peepul foods.
I have been hearing talk that I am going on another adventure this week. We are going to my Grammie's House for Turkey day. I haven't met them before and I also get to meet my hyoomin uncle and cat uncle's Smoky and Sammy. I hope Smoky and Sammy don't get too mad at me for coming to their house. I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes throughout the weekend.

hotel dwelling

Sorry I haven't written anything since last week, but I think most of you know that we have made it to our destination.
I guess we live in a tiny room now, I'm not really sure why, but it's okay. Kind of boring, but I'm here with my peepul, and read that other kitties sometimes have to stay in a private kitty hotel/prison away from their peepul when they are moving around like this. So I'm thankful that I'm here with them.
This place has strange noises all around though, it kind of disturbs us. Up above us is a noisy small person who jumps around and we hear him thumping around a lot. He does it all night, last night it went on until we went to bed. The WB actually called the desk and told them to inform the noise makers to settle down up there, but they didn't. Today they went down and talked to the desk tenders and were informed that the thumpy noisy peepul were gonna be up there until December 2nd. Not cool!

I have caught up on a lot of sleep since d…

Another day, another hotel

We have been travelling for an eternity. I think this is what my life it going to be for the rest of my life and I'm not so sure I want to live in the PTU everyday. Everyday we wake up and I get shoved in the box for hours, then it is a on to a new tiny little apartment for the night and then it happens all over again in the morning.
I have learned to cope with the driving part, I just sit in the box and sleep, or stare. Mum looks back at me every now and then, and I just stare back at her. Or bite her if she sticks her finger in.
At certain rest stops I get to be freed from the PTU to walk around in the truck. There are always too many scary big trucks and noises outside and I'm content to just look out the window.

I have heard rumors that this may be the last stop before we finally get where we are going. I sure hope so. I'd like to stay somewhere for more than a few hours.

What is going on???

Today I had to sit in the PTU for at least a hundred hours. Mum drove and drove and drove, we just kept driving, until finally the peepul let me out and put me on the harniss and took me out and walked me around in this freezing cold windy noizy parking lot. After that I was actually happy to go back in the PTU. After that we drove another billion hours in the dark until finally we arrive in a place called Needles. I sure hope we don't get poked by any needles in Needles. Now we are in a little room, that is kind of like my peepuls bedroom with a bathroom in the same place. I finally got to have dinner and some water and litter usage. Yes Mum offered all of this to me in the truck, but how am I supposed to go outside or in the box in the transporter, i just held it all day. Ihave a feeling that we aren't staying here, and this whole process may be repeated.
Just so you all know, I tried to protest all of this, but after about 3 hrs of yelling, scratching and biting the PTU …

My tent

As promised, here are pictures of me in my tent.


Why is everything going in boxes? This is what my house looks like right now..
I don't think this looks good at all.

But on the plus side, I did find a new bag to sit in:

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