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Mum's back and some other favorite things.

Hey ya'll (that's what they say down here in South Carolina.  Ya'll).  I'm finally able to be back online since my Mum has actually stayed home for almost 2 weeks in a row.  She got done with that school of her's that was keeping her away from me.  Now she is here to let me outside, give me food and sit with the WB at night and be my lap time TV pals.  It's been great to have things back to normal, and I'm all happy again, and that's really what should be the most important thing. I must say though,  the WB did very well keeping me entertained and stuff during the times that she was gone, we did guy things and bonded more than we ever have. As always,  I must go outside and roll and stretch on the concrete slab on the porch.  It is one of my favorite things.  You know that song from that one movie about "These are a few of my favorite things"?  Add in the phrase "Rolling on concrete and feeling the coolness" and it'll be true f…