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Birthday Bash

It's William's 5th Birthday.  Help us celebrate this handsome little boy's special day!!!  

To celebrate we are going to have some great food and fun.
Grab a pawty hat and join the fun!

We have a selection of beverages for you, this one here is a very delicious shrimptini, kittens under a year cannot have these.

Kittens, you may enjoy one of these fancyful colored niptinis

If you don't want these kinds of drinks, I have water in the fountain that you may sip, or play in, whatever you choose.

Of course we have some yummy food like shrimps, fish, chicken, hams

Grab a mouse toy.  Throw your mouse in the air, wave it around like you just don't care.

We rented an awesome cat tower instead of a bounce house since it probably would have gotten popped with all the claws, its good for climbing and fit for nap time.  

The backyard is fenced in for anyone who is allowed outside, its a great place for bird watching, but you aren't allowed to catch them.

We hope efurryone enjoys the …

Birthday Pawty Invitation

As you may know William's Birthday is on Thursday.  We will be having a blog party here in his honor.  You are all invited to come celebrate his 5th Birthday.  Join us for the festivities!

See you Thurs, 
The Mum

Birthday wish list

My birthday is coming up on Thursday Feb 28.  I'm gonna be 5.  We will be hosting a party, and I'll post the deetails soon.  Mum told me tonight I could go on the Petco website and pick out some things that I might like for prezzints.  Her Mum makes her write a Christmas list every year, so its just like that, except its a birthday list.   Here are some of the things that I picked out:

I wonder if I'll get any of them.  We shall see.  I'm expeshally curious to see if she'll really get me 47 bags of Tem-tay-shuns, they don't all have to be Tuna, they can be all flavors.

Winter wonderland

The other night while Mum was at work I looked out the window and saw some funny stuff falling out of the sky that I hadn't ever seen before.  Luckily she took a picture of the suspicious stuff while she was driving around.

When she got home the next morning some of it was still out in the back yard and the grass was all cold and crunchy. But naturally I had to investigate even though it was still sorta dark out.

Mum ran back inside after she snapped these pictures, while I braved the cold for a few more minutes.  Not too long after my feetsies got cold and I wanted breakfast so inside I went.

Happy Valentines Day


The saddest pictures ever

Me:  Mum, I don't want anyone to see what I looked like when I got home from the dental torture last week.
Mum:  But I took these pictures and video then we forgot to post them
Me:  No, I didn't forget, I just didn't remind you...intentionally
Mum: They are cute in a sad pathetic kind of way
Me: Embarrassing is more like it

New Peepul Blog

Hey efurryone, my Mum wanted me to let you know that she started a new peepul oriented blog for her to write about things that she likes.  It's called :  The LPW Diaries  She would like some readers.  Go over and visit.

Warm thoughts for you

For all of my furrends who are getting a blizzard tonight, here is a warm sun puddle shot for you to help you through the cold.

Nip Carrot!

Mum bought me a new toy to try make up for the mental and emotional turmoil I faced yesterday.  It's a super awesome nip filled carrot.  It's wonderful.  I loves it...A Lot!

Tortured Cat

Today was the worst day ever!  As you already know, Mum dragged me to the V-E-T.  It started first thing this morning when she got home from work and wouldn't feed me, then stuffed me in the PTU and made me go for a ride.  We got to the office and there were dawgs all over (even tho Mum was nice and went in without me first to get my room so I could get VIP treatment and skip past the dawg line), it smelled funny, it was noisy and I didn't want to come out of the PTU.  It was my safe place, but the tech girl hauled me out.  Then she took me to the back, away from my Mum, and that made me mad.  So mad that I didn't want them to touch me, or talk to me or any of that.  They did anyway!  They stuck me with something and after that I don't remember what happened until I woke up and was in the PTU again.

FINALLY Mum came back a billion hours later and brought me back home.  It was weird when I got out of the PTU, my legs were all wobbly, I could barely walk straight and kep…

teeth cleaning day

Mum here, William is at the V-E-T for his teeth cleaning now. He is in line between 10 and noon to go under. He is having blood work and a nail trim too. He didn\\\'t want to come out of the carrier to get weighed and the tech had to drag him out, after that he let her hold him and put him on the scale (18 pounds). There were lots of dogs being hyper and barky when we got there which he wasn\'t impressed with. I hope he behaves well while he\'s in their care at Hudson Veterinary, especially since the tech remembers his crankyness from the first visit there. I\'ll update in awhile.

Update: he\'s back home now, teeth are clean, nails are trimmed, and anesthesia is wearing off. He did not behave nicely as I had hoped, they had to sedate him just to get the blood drawn. They put a name tag on his carrier that says Sweet William, I am picking up a note of sarcasm in that title.

sorry Mum

I really am sorry, but I will be doing my best to prevent you from getting ready for work today. You know you aren\'t allowed to move a cat from a lap. It is against Cat Law. . You will obey Cat Law!

Sir William- King of the Yard Barn

I am the king of my yard, but the barn is my throne.  Here I am holding court from my throne.  I am in command of all berds and skwerls who dare enter my domain. (Even though Mum and WB wish I'd allow Mr. and Mrs. Fancy Red Cardinal Berd to stick around)

Beware all other critters.  That's right, you better run! 

Court is adjourned, you may go about your business, The King is going to take a royal nap.