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National Cat Day

I have heard that today is National Cat Day
Actually I think everyday is National Cat Day, or maybe it should be William the Cat Day. My Mum did do some thing for me today that was pretty nice.  She operated on my nip fish. She took out the old nip, then refilled it with new nip and sewed it back up. Its great again. Although the nip kinda makes me sneeze.
Enjoy your National (William the)Cat Day

Mum is back

My Mum went away on vacation for 10 long days.  She left me in good paws with my WB, but it just wasn't qiute the same.  For example, he doesn't have afternoon couch nap time with me.  This is what we have done today.

I love this! 
Yes, I gave her the required biteys last night when she got in.

The yearly trip

Today was my yearly trip to the V-E-T  at Hudson Veterinary Hospital. To start,  I wasn't happy about going in the driving machine
Notice my unimpressed face.

Wait, wait! You don't have to just see my unimpressed face, here is a poorly shot video that Mum was nice enough to capture while we were driving there: 

Do you remember what name the peepul at the V-E-T gave me last year?  No?  Well, they call me "Sweet William" there, they even put it on my name sticker that they put on my PTU when I stayed there for a teeth cleaning.  They don't call me that because I'm nice.  They call me that because last year when Doc. Hudson did the poo extraction procedure I turned into a whirling, growling, ATTACK PUMA!  So now they are afraid of me (well, maybe not afraid but I can dream), I figured that would have gotten me out of another trip.  I guess I was wrong.
So we get there and Mum opens the PTU door and I walk out with no problem.  The tech was worried about how I was go…

Rainy day snoozin

Cuteness.  I have mastered the art