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Catching the Cap

Mum figured out how to make fun looping .gifs today thanks to Winchester Feline
We'll be playing with this new gadget more in the future.


I forgot that I never showed you guys what I got for my birthday.  Well, let me tell you, I got the coolest thing! I introduce to you the best nip fish since nip fish have ever been created.  The greatest nip fish in the history of nip fish!  It is bigger and better than the old green nip fish. 
 Mancats and Ladycats, it is the amazing YEOWWW Pollack Fish!
You need to tell your peepul about it right now and demand that they buy you one.
Here allow me to exhibit a demonstration of its greatness....
See what I mean?  Perfection for the bigger bodied cat.  I can get full coverage bunny kickage and lickage with this wunnerfull pollack fish that the smaller green nip fish just doesn't allow.

 Hey YEOWWW people - do you need an official test kitty?  If so, I'm totally your guy!

Food review time

Check out what came to our house today. The man in the brown clothes and big brown truck (this is one of the few times that I like him, I'll tell you about that another day) met Mum outside as she was getting ready to leave the house and handed her this: 

Notice who it is addressed to?  Me!  See who it came from? I know what that means!  It means just what the sticker on the back says.  Dinner!  In today's case: LUNCH!  And I never get wet food for lunch, except on special occasion.
What deliciousness did they send me today? Its a tower of Hills Ideal Balance, Braised Salmon Recipe. I am a big fan of any and all wet stinky goodness foods, but just look at this: The ingredient list starts off with these yummy bits: Chicken Broth (yup, I like that), Salmon (ooh, I really like that), Carrots, Green Peas (never had those by themselves), Turkey, Potatoes, Egg White, Chicken Fat and Spinach (all of those sound like they are good for me). That's a great sounding list of f…