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Christmas in review

Now that Christmas is over, I've finally figured I'd better share with you all how my Christmas holiday went.
As most of you are familier with, a tree was erected inside the house again.  This time it didn't have any smell.  I'm not sure what was wrong with it, but all the ones I remember had a piney scent and I could nibble on the leaves here or there.  This one, not so much, it was just plastic.  I guess the peepul got tired of getting a plant that just died after a few weeks.  No matter, I still hung out under neath it just like I'd do with an outdoor tree.  Mum actually lost me a few times and would find me chilling under the tree.

After awhile it got rather crowded under there and Voltron came out to keep order amongst the under tree friends and to keep an eye on the presents.  Mum tried to keep a path open so I could go under still

Finally on Christmas Eve-Eve night we opened presents.  It was great, I got to burrow around in all of the torn up paper, which is m…

Singing a tune

Scratch-scratch-scratch- dee-de-de-dee- scratch, scratch,scratch-dee-de-de-dee- scratch your tower-scratch your tower