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Oh humans, will you ever learn

Well, they did it. They washed me in the tub. Now I'm forced to bathe myself, AGAIN, to get all this water and stench of soap off of me. You guys better be prepared for the epic hardball that I'm gonna yak up. Until, them I will lay on them while I'm wet, unfortunately mum is prepared for this and put a towel on her lap. I was able to get the WB unexpectedly.

Self cleaning, not washable

There have been rumors floating around the house that Mum and WB are plotting to put me in the bath tub today.  It's not necessary really, see I can clean myself just fine.  Granted I can't reach the middle of my back where the danders all sit, but so what...

One less tooth

If you follow my Facebook, you have sort of heard about my unpleasant day yesterday. Let me explain in more detail, with my Mum's help, since I don't remember much of it.  The day began with no breakfast, that there is bad enough to cause a horrible day, but it progressed.  She put me in the P-T-Uand loaded me into her work van, I've never got to ride in that before, but it was just as bad as every other vehicle I've been in. She took me to Dr. Hudson's office, my most dreaded place on earth, and left me there.  Yes Left.Me.There!!. What happened next is speculation since I was sedated and mum wasn't around, but I was sleeping for awhile, and during that time my teeth were cleaned and Dr. Hudson found out that I had a broken tooth.  (Mum and WB feel really bad for not knowing about it before)             Yeah I'm tough and didn't tell anyone about it, but it's been like that for awhile, hard to say how it happened, but Doc had to do some stuff and y…

Window woes

I guess it was nice outside today.  They say it was close to 70 degrees, my condolences to the folks who are buried in snow, but I didn't get to enjoy it, if that is any consolation.  I was only allowed to look and smell out the open window.

In case you have been wondering where I've been, we keep posting on my Facebook, since it's faster and easier, so if you want to see more William...go here: