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Relaxing day

I know how Mum usually likes to enjoy Sunday as a nice quiet relaxing day, and I've for once been cooperative to that idea.  Of course, we don't usually match up on our ideas...
For starters, she shared treats out back with the little calico cat that I despise greatly (the last time I got out, I chased her over the fence and up a tree), I think a cat who does this: 

at another cat's house, deserves to be despised.
Then, I was minding my own business and here she comes to our room to play on the computer and take pictures of me: 
Oh what's a cat to do?
Aside from those two things, it's been an easy Sunday.

Review for

Blogging sometimes pays off in the form of free treats, in return for an unbiased review through  I have done several of these reviews and a really don't know what they do with them, but they keep sending me freebies, so I guess I'm doing it right.  This month the nice people at sent me a bag of treats.  The packaging was great!  I love the Cuddle Buns name,  I think my buns are quite cuddly and it seems that they agree!

                                           Well, what's in there?  I smells it

Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost minis- Rabbit formula
 The stuff in them sounds like they are good for me, except for the clay part, I'm not too sure about eating mud.

 They smell alright I guess.  They look kind of dry.  I suppose that is appropriate for dried rabbit.

My opinion (and mine alone) is that I don't really like them.  I'll eat them if Mum leaves a few out, but I don't gobble them down like other treats.  They crumble when I bi…