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The whole gang will be back together tomorrow.

It's just been me and Mum here at the homestead for about two weeks, the WB went on a trip somewhere.  I hear he's coming back tomorrow.  That's good, I miss having lap time in the man chair.


I decided to submit yesterday's embarrassing video to the Tabby Cat Club embarrassing moments day and earned this fancy badge: 

Messin' where I shouldn't be messin"

As a curious cat, or feline, or moggie, whatever I shall be called on any given day, I am entitled to a little exploration.  We all know, that often leads to a little bit of trouble.  In this big house, I frequently find new places to check out.  On this particular day, the storage closet was a treasure trove of interest and a smidgen of humiliation.

Tag team toy tale

I have once again been bestowed with samples from, man oh man they really are awesome there! This review is going to be different than the last, because today I have a guest reviewer with me.  This is really exciting to me, I've never had a guest on the blog before.  I just know she's gonna do great! 

What did they send me this time? You ask a excellent question!

They sent me two things, I mean two different kinds of things.  This is pretty amazing, remember I get these things for free in return for honest reviews.  I got food and a toy! I'm rather hard to please when it comes to toys, this is where my guest is going to help me out. Food on the other hand...I rarely find a food I dislike.

(sorry, I blurried, I was excited to check it out )

This here is the toy.  A Kong Active Crinkle Tube
I've had tube toys before, and sadly was not really impressed with them then, and after seeing this one, I see that they still aren't my thing. 

 It's kind of small in the…

Tabby Toesday

The rear flippers

Mancat Monday

I'm the kitty and I'll lay where I want to, lay where I want to, laaaayyy where I want to, you would pick the bed if you were able to, tooooo!

New furniture needs accessories

We got a new dresser last week, I thought it needed some accessorizing.  A cat statue is a nice addition don't you think?

Chewy Is Awesome!

As you probably know, I am one of the fortunate critters who get to receive samples from in return for honest reviews. I love getting Chewy packages and the one I got a few weeks ago was extra big.  How EXCITING!  I had to wait for my Mum to come home to open it and watching it just sit there was agonizing.
This is what was inside, yes ALLLL of of this!  That's like a gazillion meals of hopefully delishus wet stinky glorious food.
The goods:   Nutro Perfect Portions in soft Turkey loaf recipe. Let me tell you,  this is some good food!  It's called perfect portion because I get to have the whole portion, the little pack is separated into two serving sizes, so Mum breaks the pack in half and I get the little rectangle of food in my bowl, and I eat ALL of it.  What is really cool, is that when I get my stinky goodness, it isn't all cold like I would get when Mum put the other half of the Meow Mix cup in the fridge, it's always pantry temperature.  I think that Nutro…