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Pee Problems

Those who follow me and Mum on the Facebook will already know all about this, but I think we have some of both followers, so I wanted to share here too.
Today I went to see Dr. Hudson, bleh, I don't like visiting him one bit.  

Yesterday Mum looked in my box and only saw several little marble sized pee clumps in the litter, none of my large mountain lion sized clumps.  This caused her concern, because being the mum of a neutered male cat, she is aware of the risk of urine crystals and blockages.  Every time I'd go in the box last night, she'd go in after me and look in the litter.  I made a few more marbles, but only after squatting for about a minute. She decided she didn't want to risk it so as soon as they opened this morning, she was calling to make an appointment.

We got there, I was not happy about it from the start.  We had to sit in the lobby for many minutes waiting for all these dogs to go in ahead of me (all 2 of them) and during that time these two office dwel…

House guests

Yesterday the peepul had a new friend come over to hang out at the house.  I generally don't mind meeting new peepul, but what I never understand is why they think they have to make friends with me.  I 
I stayed upstairs under the bed for the first few hours that the guy was here, I knew there was someone in the house right away, but I wasn't overly excited to see who it was. 
Right before dinner time Mum came up to check on me and I realized it was time to eat, so I followed her down stairs and there in the kitchen, was this new human.
Of course everyone was all interested in seeing me and Mum and WB were quick to tell me how nice this new fella was and that I should be nice to him.
Honestly, he was pretty nice, he was close to Mum's size, not big and threatening like some guys, he was quiet, unlike others, he talked to me in normal peepul voice, not "cat voice".  I'm sure you know what I mean when I say "cat voice", you know how the humans do, they ta…

Humans ruin all the fun

There was this super cool thing in the house last night.  I saw it and was chasing it all around to catch it.  That was until Mum saw that I was up to something.  I was chasing it near the barstools.  It was fast, like super fast!  It was squirmy and wormy, it had lots of legs and when Mum saw it, she spazzed out.  Any guesses on what it was?

Well it looked like this :
      Pretty cool huh?  (I know all the Mums are gonna say, EEK, centipede!. MOL)

Well, Mum went into killing mode and took it away from me.  We were both trying to get it at the same time.  I'd go for it, then she'd push me away and kept trying to grab it with a paper towel. It was probably rather funny to watch, but I think the WB was in the chair asleep the whole time and missed it all.  After a few minutes of being creeped out and freaking out trying to get it, all the while saying "no William, it might sting you, get away!" she finally got it wrangled it up in the towel and smushed it before tossing …