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Who's in my house today?

You all know how we cats enjoy meeting new people, or having strangers in the house, it is usually met with skepticism on our parts.  The other day, there was a man in my house (Mum was here with me, so it wasn't just me and a stranger).  I guess the peepul had employed him to attach fancy decorations to the wall in the kitchen, peepul are weird.  I'm just happy to have a warm place to live that is enclosed with walls and a roof, they find it necessary to add extra stuff all over those walls. All that money that could have been used to buy me extra food or treats, goes to tiles and glue, excuse me for not finding it useful. Aagh, sorry I got off on a soap box, wait a soap box?  Where is this box?  Never mind, back to the story about the man in the house. 

It began with a ring of the doorbell, which spooked me, so I ran up the stairs and sat there for a minute, I saw Mum let this dude in the house so I booked it up to the bedroom so he wouldn't see me. They talked, then a li…

Really into it

Sometimes, you just really get into your nip least I do anyway.  I luv my nip fish!

Litter Test

Image sent us a box of new litter to try last month.  I am never picky about what Mum puts in the box, as long as I can do my business in it, I'm cool with any kind.  Pine, paper, clumping, non-clumping, crystals, I've used it all.  This makes me a great candidate for a litter trial.   We got some Simple Solution, 30 day litter and here are my thoughts. 

Looking at the box, it looks like a great product, some of it's attributes are:  Powerful odor elimination 3x more absorbent than other litters No urine scooping 50% lighter than other products

Let me tell you how the litter works.  You saw the part about not having to scoop urine, that means that it doesn't clump, so you scoop the poos and then stir around the rest of it. and it  absorbs the urine and the odor.  When it comes to peeing, I'm no dainty diva.  I'm a man cat, who has recently started on a urinary focused diet plan that makes me pee copiously, (you may recall my recent peeing problem). It worked very…