Saturday, November 21, 2015

Who's in my house today?

You all know how we cats enjoy meeting new people, or having strangers in the house, it is usually met with skepticism on our parts.  The other day, there was a man in my house (Mum was here with me, so it wasn't just me and a stranger).  I guess the peepul had employed him to attach fancy decorations to the wall in the kitchen, peepul are weird.  I'm just happy to have a warm place to live that is enclosed with walls and a roof, they find it necessary to add extra stuff all over those walls. All that money that could have been used to buy me extra food or treats, goes to tiles and glue, excuse me for not finding it useful. Aagh, sorry I got off on a soap box, wait a soap box?  Where is this box?  Never mind, back to the story about the man in the house. 

It began with a ring of the doorbell, which spooked me, so I ran up the stairs and sat there for a minute, I saw Mum let this dude in the house so I booked it up to the bedroom so he wouldn't see me. They talked, then a little while later WB came home, there was more talking, then the dude started on the project that he was there for.  Finally, get this over with peepul!  

The guy, who's name was Haaveeyair I think I heard kept going outside, where he'd make some noise, then coming back in to go to the kitchen.  I stayed upstairs for a few hours until Mum came up to check on me to make sure I was handling it ok.  I decided that it seemed safe to go downstairs for a few minutes, because I had been holding "it" for awhile and needed to visit the box.  I was also hungry, since it was past lunch time and I knew Mum was home and would feed me, unlike most days.  So I ventured downstairs and saw all of this stuff in my kitchen!

Well this is a mess...

Haaveeyair was outside during this time, so I had freedom to explore for a few minutes, but then he came back in and we met face to face.  Fortunately he was impressed by me, as are most people who see me for the first time.  He was like (insert your own Cuban accent, because that's what Mum said he had) "Wow, that is the biggest cat I've ever seen!  He's like a small tiger!" Ok, cool,  he appreciates me awesome man catliness, I guess he's alright. I smelled his hand, which smelled like what I can only guess was tile glue and grout. He was allowed a little bit of a scratch on my head, but that was about it.  I was cordial, but not real friendly. I ate some lunch then took my leave of the whole situation until it was over, upstairs in the bed covers.  

FYI: When I hide under the covers that pretty much means that I do not approve of the current situation in the house and I'm escaping the best I can.  Also, Mum closed me in the bedroom for most of this so she didn't worry about me making an actual escape out the door.

At the end of the day, this is what the finish product looked like.  Mum says that Haaveeyair did a great job.  I mean I guess it's ok, but I'm just a cat, what I know about interior design?

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Really into it

Sometimes, you just really get into your nip least I do anyway.  I luv my nip fish!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Litter Test sent us a box of new litter to try last month.  I am never picky about what Mum puts in the box, as long as I can do my business in it, I'm cool with any kind.  Pine, paper, clumping, non-clumping, crystals, I've used it all.  This makes me a great candidate for a litter trial.   We got some Simple Solution, 30 day litter and here are my thoughts. 

Looking at the box, it looks like a great product, some of it's attributes are: 
Powerful odor elimination
3x more absorbent than other litters
No urine scooping
50% lighter than other products

Let me tell you how the litter works.  You saw the part about not having to scoop urine, that means that it doesn't clump, so you scoop the poos and then stir around the rest of it. and it  absorbs the urine and the odor.  When it comes to peeing, I'm no dainty diva.  I'm a man cat, who has recently started on a urinary focused diet plan that makes me pee copiously, (you may recall my recent peeing problem). It worked very well for a few weeks, but then the litter that you stir around to dry out the urine, would no longer dry out and absorb the smells.  On October 15th, Mum filled my box with the Simple Solution, 30 Day litter.  That means it should last until the middle of November.  Well, we had to change it out on October 30th. You may be saying to yourself, but that's not 30 days.  No it is not.  I think its because I have some strong urine, I bet for a smaller cat, possibly a lady cat, this would last longer.  This has happened on all of the so called long lasting litter that I have used, it never lasts as long as advertised.

The weirdest part about this litter is the color, it's pink when dry, then when it gets wet its darker pink, almost red, Mum found that to be kind of unnerving. When she poured it in, it was extremely dusty, the dust did settle, but after the initial pour there was a lingering cloud above the box for about a minute, she didn't like that it would come back up when I did my vigorous litter kicking.   

Overall, for the time that it worked, it didn't have a noticeable smell of its own, which we liked, but when it stopped working, woowee it got smelly with a quickness, that was some nose stinging ammonia stench.  It was effective at first, but lost its power.  I don't think we'll be buying it, but if you want some, the website says they sell it at Walmart, but of course you can get all the things that I review from

As always, I thank for allowing me to try out products in return for unbiased reviews.  I always love seeing that box on the porch.


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