Saturday, February 27, 2016

Chewy Influencer Review

Hey efurrybody, Chewy Influencer William here, with another fun food tasting review. (I know, this is my second one this month, I apologize if you don't enjoy these segments, but we got 2 things in February)

Mum tried really hard to get me to sit still for a spokes cat pose, and managed to get this one, minus my ears. sent this to me to try out, for free, in return for my honest review.  I have never heard of Tiki Cat brand food, but I'm always willing to taste test things, especially wet food.  This package of 12 cans is all various flavors, almost every can is different, although there were a few repeats.  I really liked some of them, and really disliked others.
A delectable selection of Tiki Cat Gourmet Carnivore wet foods.

The ingredients of every flavor are very healthy and real, unlike some wet food I've had, that looks like, well, maybe I should reserve my opinions on that.  
This food has REAL parts, this one here for example, the bonito tuna flavor claimed to have mussels in it, and right there on the top of it all, was a whole mussel straight outta the shell, see below.
See it, right there, that creepy looking yellow thing. I didn't know what it was at first, until Mum exclaimed "wow that's a whole mussel!".  I nearly thought she was talking about my mancat muscles, but quickly realized what the heck she was talking about.  Whatever it was, it was amazing!  I was really disappointed to learn that there was only one can of that kind, that was my favorite one of the pack.

Let me share my ratings of a few other flavors: 
Chicken and Liver = Blech, yuck, not good
Seabass = Super tasty!  Again, only one in the pack
Chicken and Duck = Pretty tasty
Chicken and Turkey = Yep, a good one
Beef and Liver, and all others with liver = Big fat Nope!

Looking back at this picture, Mum found it funny that it turned out to be my favorite and my least favorite.  It was a prophesy in disguise!

So, at the end of this test we have determined that I William, like so many others, people and cats alike, do not like liver, except for my Mum, she is weird and actually likes the stuff.  I really like how this food has more juice and real meat chunks than other food that I have had before.  It looks like they really try to make it look healthy and taste delicious, I'm just picky and don't like all flavors.  

As always, thank you to 
Disclaimer:  I am in the Chewy Influencer blogger outreach program, which means that we get to choose items to test out in return for my honest opinion.  The free item is my only compensation, I do not get paid in other sort of way.  You can be in the program too, just email Sydney at and tell her your blog info.  

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My insides are showing...

If you have been paying attention to my Facebook page you know that I have had a little bit of a health issue recently.  Actually it's been around since we came here to South Catolina, I have a cough, it comes and goes, but it's usually more of an issue in the evening.  Mum has always been concerned about it and brought it up to my last vet , who kind of seemed less than impressed by it and said it was probably hair balls.  Friday Mum took me to a new vet to give me a change of pace since my relationship with Dr. H. was never very favorable.  We now go to Dr. G who seems like a nice guy, and we could probably be friends outside of the office, but at the office, I still don't act very friendly.
Anyway, at my check up on Friday, Mum showed Dr. G a video of me coughing and he was instantly alarmed. He was like "oh no, that's not hair balls!  I want to look inside his lungs and see what's going on in there"  So, on Monday, much to my chagrin, I got dumped at the vet office for an all day experience.  
I hate getting dropped off at the vet, I don't like the ride there, I don't like seeing Mum walk out the door, I don't like hanging out in a strange place with stranger people and other pets. It's just SO AWFUL!  
Well, Dr. G. had to give me some sleepy medication because I just didn't wish to be cooperative and they needed me to lay still on a table so they could take a picture of my insides.  I've had a ton of pictures taken of me in my nearly 8 years, but never any of my insides.  How weird!

Check this out:

Unfortunately it looked like Dr. G thought it might, he says I have abnormal bronchial patterns, which are likely causing the chronic coughing.  He said it's like bronchitis for people, but in cats it's called Feline Asthma.  So, it's not the worst thing, it's definitely manageable, since I'm not all that affected by it anyway, but Mum gets upset when I cough.  Really it only lasts a few seconds, like less than a minute of hacking then it's done.  As of now, they have put me on a trial steroid therapy treatment plan which consisted of getting a shot of steroids (depomedrol) that decreases inflammation, which in turn helps me breath better.  That was Monday, it's Wednesday now and I haven't had a coughing spasm since Saturday, that actually feels really good. I hope it continues to stay this way, but Dr. G said that the injection's effects will wear off over the next few weeks, then they will have to create a long term plan if the cough comes back.
I know Mum is looking out for me, and right now I do feel better, I just kind of wish Dr. G. could come visit me instead of me having to go in the vehicle to see him.  What kind of one sided relationship is this anyway?

Friday, February 19, 2016

Laundry helper

I helped Mum put new sheets on the bed the other day.  By help I mean, I layed on the sheets and put some extra wrinkles in them.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Escape magician

This is my bedroom door.

I happily go in here at bedtime, but when I think its time to get up, I still have to stay in here until Mum and WB come downstairs and let me out. Peepul wake up time,as we cats know, is not until several hours after cat wake up time. This morning (and another morning last week) I decided that I didn't want to wait for them. I busted out! Then ran upstairs hollering for them to "get up and feed me!!!"  Mum says I have really strong cat muscles because I have been able to shake and pull on the bottom of the door until it opened.  She tried to do it, and only made it happen once but with some effort.  So now that I know I can do it, I'm gonna keep doing it.  It doesn't always work if she pulls the door closed the right way, and she thinks locking it might prevent my escapes.  We'll see who is successful, me or her. Dun, dun, dun!!!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Mancat Monday

This is a weight bench, peepul use it for getting strong.  I bet if I lay on it, I'll get big and strong too!  Do you think it will work?

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Chewy Influencer Sunday.

I enjoy crunchy treats, I mean like really. I don't eat chewy ones, I look at them and then walk away. When we saw that the Blogger outreach program from was sampling some crunchy dental treats in February that is exactly what we signed up for.

I introduce: Purina Pro Plan Dental Crunch Cat Snacks in Lobster and Scallop flavor.

My dry food is also by Pro Plan, so this should be pretty good.

Well, they smell good.  Who could deny the delicious scent of lobster and scallop?  Not a cat, and probably not many humans.  Those are two very delicious sea creatures!

Yup they look tasty too, I like round treats, they are fun to chase around on the floor.

So yes, these treats are very good, I give them high rankings for taste, shape, and texture.  I cannot confirm their ability to help a kitty's dental situation.  Mum gives me a few every day, and they do take a little more effort to chew up than one of my regular treats (which are small rectangles with a soft filling center), so that alone I suppose could be beneficial for my toothies.  
I heard that February is pet dental month, usually Mum makes me go to the vet for a teeth cleaning at this time of year. I went last year, but I think she only imposes that torment on me every other year.  So, as far as I know, I'm safe for the time being.

You can watch me in action as I enjoy these tasty treats:

Disclaimer: I am sent these products from in return for my honest review. I do not get anything for it, other than the free product I am showing you here. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't and I'm not scared to tell you if I don't like it.

Chewy is always interested in welcoming talented bloggers to their Blogger Outreach Network. If you are interested to be a Chewy Influencer, email svillegas(@) for more information.


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