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Flag and trophy show and tell

Mum was laying on the floor after running in her 5k this morning, so I jumped up on the file cabinet to inspect what was up there. I found a pack of minty smelling gum, a pen and Mum's trophy, all of which I knocked on the floor.
Also, you see behind me a flag from Maine.  That is where my Mum is from and where my grammie, grampa and auntie live.   Here, let me show you...

Yup, pretty neat.   Yeah, she put the trophy back up, just to show it off.

Aagh, it's falling, my claws are stuck! Mum, help! Little gold trophy person, do sonething!
I guess I looked at a bit too close... Only one side fell down, Mum just had to retack it to the wall. 

The Boykin Broom Store Battle Cat

This is William's Mum Amanda, I'm taking over the blog today because I have something to share.
I met THE SWEETEST animal I have ever met today.

We drove 10 minutes down the road to the tiny town of Boykin, South Carolina. It is the birth place of the Boykin Spaniel and it's a historic little place where they make stone ground corn grits and corn meal with a water powered grinder, just like old times.  There was a Civil war battle here and was at one time mostly burned to the ground. Now there is are two restaurants (The Boykin Company Grill, and Mill Pond Steakhouse), the grit mill and the "Broom Place".  

The Broom Place is a little building where one woman makes handmade straw brooms and has been doing so for the past 45 years.  She's quite a talker too, a very funny woman. We went there and ordered 2 brooms, which by the way have an approximate 2 year waiting time because she has so many on order and she is the only one who does this. However, she is not alo…

Deep thoughts

This is a very poinient photo of me looking out, but also my reflection of me thinking deep thoughts.