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Whicker Licking Good

Last month you may recall that I was not very impressed during my review of my selection from  I had an idea that it was a fluke.  I knew that the LL wouldn't purposefully get me things that I won't eat. She is still learning what I like and don't like, I have been here just over 4 months after all.  
This month's review selection was spot on, I totally love what I got.  Let me show you what it was. 

Whisker Lickins from the Purina people.  I have had Whisker Lickins before, and I have liked them, but they were the crunchy ones.  These ones are soft and let me say, they are just as yummy as the crunchy ones! So YUMMY! They have fun shapes (the ones they show on the bag), but I inhale them so fast I don't really notice which ones are which. 
I can't really say that they are the most wholesome or healthy, I don't know which kind of animal liver, or what the heck tetra sodium pyrophosphate is. However, they are treats, I bet you and your humans eat ple…

Sunday Selfie

Today I sat with LL on the couch, we watched the Formula One race together.  I snuck a selfie of us while she wasn't looking.

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Sunday Selfie

Me and the LL are doing some Sunday morning lounging today.
I couldn't miss another week of Selfies with though. 

Storm update

Hi everybuddies! We are in South Catolina where this stoopid storm called Matthew visited several days ago. Our area had many winds that made many trees be scared.  The scared trees tried to pull up thier roots so they could run away and hide. Until they all realized, "oh noes! We don't know how to run" then they all fell down.  If trees lived out in the open, this would have been ok. As we all know, trees back in the day, all decided to take up residence next to each other, next to houses, and next to power lines. So these scared trees, who all fell down, fell on those very things. We were in the dark for about 30 hours, but other people near here still are in the dark. I feel awful for them, all of their food is ruined and they have nothing to do.  We got lucky. However, my lap lady has a job where she puts on a blue uniform everyday. This means she has been working every night since Friday. She is going back in again tonight to help protect those who still are in the …

Throwback Thursday

I can't believe it is 4 months post bridge crossing...

Stepped on Toesday

LL stepped on my right for last night,  I howled like all stepped upon cats tend to do. She felt real bad,  especially when I held it up like it hurt.   I'm fine this morning,  running jumping and bounding down the stairs like normal. Toesday goes on as usual.

Chewy Influencer- Merrick Freeze Dried Chicken

I heard that William used to get food mail from in return for his opinions, I thought, "Hey, I can do that too!"  I'm not nearly as daring with my food choices as he was though, so the LL was a little dubious about signing me up for the Chewy Influencer program. I rarely eat all of my wet food, but I do enjoy most treats, so she opted to try one of the types of treats that were offered for September.

This is the kind that she asked for:

Merrick Back Country, Grain Free, Freeze-Dried Raw, Real, live dead chicken, that sounds like something that would be pretty tasty. Wait, don't astronawts eat freeze dried food? That dood on the bag looks pretty tough (but not astronawt tough, actually I might be astronawt tough), I want to grow up to be tough like him, so I better eat these treats!  I like to lick the chicken packages that the LL gets, these are just dried up little chicken bits.  Which, to the health conscious types, would be very appetizing. The package it c…