Sunday, October 25, 2009

what's at the bottom of the cup?

You ever wonder what is at the bottom of the drink cup your mum just had?
Then you think to yourself, well maybe if I stick my paw in and touch it I can figure it out.Until finally you say, "Well if Mum drank it must be good" and dive right in.
I do it all the time, try it sometime. haha

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday adventure

Sorry no pic to show, but I want to share the exciting time I just had outside.
I begged Mum to take me outside when she got home, like I always do. First I plopped down on the concrete and rolled around for a little while, nice cool concrete, gotta luv it! I wandered around sniffing stuff, then I got brave and ran across the street and hid under the car from Mum until she dragged me out by my scruff (kinda like my Cat Mum used to do), after she got me from under the car I let myself go totally limp so she had a hard time picking me up off of the ground, lawl, she grabbed me but I was like a bag of sand that flopped all around. Unfortunately she wrangled me up and took back to the back yard.
Once in the back yard, I decided to go visit the next door naybors. The lady of that house came out and was talking to my Mum, but in the mean time her cat was inside the screen down, so I went to investigate. She wasn't very nice, she hissed and made a terrible sreamy angry cat noiz at me, so I ran away from her, I don't think I'll try to talk to that one again. I poofed my tail and raized alla my hairs at her. I don't think she was as offended as me though. Then the kids came outside, that's when I knew it was time to run back to my house.
But then, that brown dawg was outside at the house behind us. I decided to go up and torment him for a minute. I ran up to the fence and he came to greet me, his little nub tail was going back and forth and he kept getting real low in the front and then jumping up and back and all around. He made me kinda mad, so I poofed my tail and hair at him too, then I hissed at him and tried to whap him through the fence holes. Then Mum caught up and shooed me back down to our yard, then bribed me inside with some Temtayshuns.
It was a fun afternoon adventure, now it's nap time.


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