Saturday, November 17, 2018

Wheat Wonderland

Hello Friends!  I know, I know,  "Buckwheat! Why do you not update your blog anymore?" is what you are all saying.  Well, as you saw on my last update, I post regularly on my Facebook page, but sometimes getting Mum to the computer to do work for me is like pulling dog hair out of a dog tail.  Not easy or fun.    She finally decided that today we would put something on here and mess with the background a little bit.  
Here are few things that I've been up to in the past few whiles.


More napping

Aaannnnddd....Wait for it....

More napping

Yup you guessed it:  Napping

Just when you thought it wasn't possible...

I do take pictures with my eyes open on occasion.

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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Where's the Wheat?

I'm on Facebook!  And Instagram!  Sorry for those who do not use those platforms, but that is where the goods are. 
But, for those of you who haven't seen me in awhile, I'm still here, getting cuddle mauled by Jaques the Octopus, and enjoying every minute of it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


No I'm not talking about the ham like stuff that comes in can, but email SPAM. 
I'm sure glad that my Gmail pays attention to what is legit and what is fake.  I just opened my SPAM folder and found all kinds of nonsense.  This was mainly because in my main mail folder there was a Phishing letter, telling me that I had to send two different kinds of Visa and AmEx gift cards to some unknown entity telling me that they were garnishing my wages for many hundreds of dollars that I owed to a debt.  Last I checked, I don't get paid for my services of being a lovable, soft furry creatures. Although the peeps wished that I brought in some sort of money, MOL! Additionally, I have not made any large dollar amount purchases that I owe money for. We marked it as a scam, and it vanished, otherwise I'd let you see that too.  However they are addressed to Angel Kitty William, who was a credit card thief in his past life, so who knows, maybe it's real...

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A Book Review

I have never done a book review, because, well, I'm a cat and I cannot read.  However, I do like picture books, especially with pictures of birds.  I look out the back window all day and watch the birds at the bird feeder, so I guess LL thought that I needed more bird education, that must be why she asked Chewy to send us a book for our February Chewy Influencer promotion. 

 I present: The Sibley Guide to Birds, 2nd Edition by David Allen Sibley

 This is a full size book, measuring in at 9.5x6x1...inches.  It is beautifully illustrated, we loved the paintings of all of the birds.  It's great how the author did multiple paintings for each type of bird to show the many wing positions that you might see when they are flying and also how the feathers look at different life phases. The descriptions of each breed of bird are very descriptive and easy to understand.  He includes a map at the bottom of the page that shows where the birds live, however it would be nice if the birds were categorized based on regions so it might be easier to find one if you were wanting to know what kind of bird you had in your yard. However, the birds are listed by their groups, such as Eagles, Grouse, Owls, Warblers, even Wading Birds, etc. So, if you have an idea of what type of bird it is, you can find that group in the index and locate them that way. 

We are very impressed with this book, and we have seen many bird books. This one is very nice, the quality is excellent with heavy paper and secure bindings, lovely pictures and we liked the descriptions. He does a great job of sounding out and writing words for the bird songs and calls, about the Common Loon, Sibley writes, "Voice: Low, melancholy yodeling or wailing cries"  This is very accurate LL says, she grew up on a lake in Maine where they had many melancholy loons. 

If you are in the market for a bird book, The Sibley Guide to Bird second Edition is Buckwheat approved and recommended.

Here is a page on Red Shouldered Hawks.

Did you know that we were sent this full size, amazing book at no charge, for just being a Chewy Influencer and sharing our opinions in return, how great of a program is that?  Pretty great I say.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sunday Selfies

 I took some selfies this morning while sitting LL's lap at the kitchen table.  It's a lovely Sunday and we are just chillaxin' as I enjoy doing. I do wish someone would take me outside since it's sunny, warm and windy out there.  There are a good many things that I would like to look at and smell.  We'll see...
How do you like this one? I used my back foot to take the picture!  Multi-pawdextrous.   

I entered the Cat On My Head Sunday Selfie Bloghop this week.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Kitten Bowl Card

We don't care much about the big game today, but we thought this Kitten Bowl Cat-Lete card from the Hallmark channel was pretty fun to do.   Go kittens go!

Wheat Wonderland

Hello Friends!  I know, I know,  "Buckwheat! Why do you not update your blog anymore?" is what you are all saying.  Well, as you ...