Monday, January 8, 2024

Secret Paws 2023- a delayed review

 Hi furrends!! Buckwheat here for our annual Secret Paws thank you blog post. 

This year we traded gifts with BJ Bangs and crew. Thanks to the overworked USPS our package didn't arrive until 2 days after Christmas, but the box was in pristine condition, so it was ok.

BJ really wrapped our box securely!  Mum struggled a bit to get the paper off. Great job 

Ooh! This looks interesting! 
Mum got a few people gifts!  Cat socks look comfy.
Looks like we got some treats, toys and something in a box. 
This is a fun pile of colorful awesomeness!! The thing in the box is a sweet cat fountain. 
We definitely love lickable treats. 
We learned that BJ Bangs has an actual papery book and she sent an autographed copy! We'll cherish this forever. 

And that's the unwrapped Secret Paws fun for this year!  We look forward to the next.  Happy new year and please follow us on our Facebook page! We update that regularly, unlike here. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Secret Paws 2022 - Thank you Lonestar Cats!

 Yay it's Secret Paws time again!!!   Our Mum has been participating in Secret Paws since 2008 when she joined it with William.  She has met new cats and food people nearly every year.  This year was no exception thanks to BJ Bangs who kept the tradition going!  This year we met the Lonestar Cats and a few dogs too.  Our Grammie in Maine just had her Westie Casper pass away right before Christmas, so seeing these Westies was nice.

Buckwheat is no stranger to receiving these yearly packages of joy and is always the first one to try to raid the box.  

Look'it at all!  Mum removed the ribbons and bows before she put them under the tree, because those are just too tempting to chew on.

Buckwheat tried to raid them again, even after the box was put under the tree.  That silly guy!

Mum put the gifts in our stocking for presentation purposes, the stocking was a gift from another nice cat family a few years ago.

Finally Christmas day arrived and we were allowed to see what we got!

Buckwheat was purresent for the prezzints.  He got to playing with a few toys before Dixie showed up.

Once everything was opened, Buckwheat was more interested in the paper than the toys.  Dixie on the other hand.  She found a catnip ball and made off with it ever so stealthily.

We also got this big bag of Temptations and 2 cans of Tiki Cat wet food, those will likely be enjoyed by Calvin, he much less selective of what he eats.  

Again, thank you so much for the gifts Lonestar Cats!   We have followed you on our Facebooks where we do all of our posting.  Please feel free to follow us too. Buckwheat and Dixie Snapp

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Its that time again! Secret Paws 2021

 We have been doing Secret Paws since William's first christmas way back in 2009, can you believe that?  That is like forever!  This year was no different.  Buckwheat and Dixie sent off some lovely and fun gifts to some new friends in New York, but we can't say who, since they haven't posted about it yet.  

We received what were probably even better gifts from some new friends in California!  Our gifts came from the cats at Savannah's Paw Tracks and their Mom lady Linda. They really went above and beyond.  They even sent very nice things for our Mum!

The highlight was all of the Yeeoowww nip toys that they sent.  Those are truly our favorite! 

The paper, packaging and the ribbons were all super fun too!  Mum thought we were enjoying that stuff more than the actual gifts.  We love all of it and found two new cat pages to follow. 

Remember, we post regularly on our Facebook page Buckwheat and Dixie

Friday, December 25, 2020

Meowy Catmas!

We want to wish our friends a very merry Christmas.  Dixie and I opened our secret paws gifts this morning and loved them all.  We hope you all have a lovely holiday. 


Friday, December 27, 2019

Secret Paws 2019 Recap

Every year, cat bloggers from around the world participate in a phenomenon called Secret Paws.  It's a great tradition that we all love.  We each submit our names and answer a few questions, then Mom Paula of the sweetpurrfections blog (which is based in South Carolina, just like me) compiles all of the names and randomly pairs names of kitty blogs who will exchange gifts.  I recieved Tim and friends from the Tomcat blog at as my gang to get gifts for, they were very kind to share all about it on their latest post:

The gifts that we recieved were from the gang at Cat Chat with Caren and Cody  Boy did they make up an impressive box of goodies.   A very nice thing that they did, showed that they pay attention to my Facebook, they included a gift for Pixie, who was just the "foster kitten" when they put their box in the mail, when my initial response was just for me, we both appreciate that.  

The first thing I found in this great box were many ribbons and bows that were attached to the packages.  Mum had to be a party pooper and steal them all away from me.  I have a membership to Ribbon chewers anonymous and she won't let me play with them without supervision, I don't know why, it's not like I've ever swallowed any of them, but she's a worrywort.  We took them out of the box and put them under the tree after all that was handled.  I found one that she missed, but she quickly ended my fun...

They sent us a whole box of Bisque and Lil' Soups!! We'll be eating dinner like royalty for weeks, how great is that!!!  I'm teaching Pixie that this stuff is way better than that pate' food she brought with her from her rescue home.  She seems to agree.  Mum often makes us share a Bisque packet, but we usually get to have our own soup cup.  

Do you remember that song in the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer show that has the lyric that goes like, "Toys galore, scattered on the floor, there's no room for more..."?  Well that was our sitting room after opening gifts on Christmas day.  Mum failed to get really good pictures of everything before toys were handed out for playing, but here are a few:
There is a cute chirpy bird on this wand toy.

Pixie is a toy thief and she carried off the little red chirpy bird and took him upstairs, Mum heard her playing with him, but she stops anytime the camera comes out, so we have no photo documentation.  We haven't tried on the little handkerchief yet, but I'm not into wearing things, so Pixie will be the guinea pig for that one.  Some toys have been saved and put away for the time being, Pixie will hide the ones that she has now, and then Mum will release the mice, so they can get lost under the furniture too. 

Mum got a few nice things from Mom Caren and Cody too, something to play, something to read and something to eat.  Chocolate covered potato chips are a thing that are from where Caren and Cody are in Michigan, I don't think they make those down here in South Carolina, because the chocolate would melt during most months.  She has been munching on them every so often since she opened the box, they came in a nice metal can, which may have a use once the chips are gone. 

This year's Secret Paws was so much fun, we can't wait until next year!  Thank you so much for all of the great things.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

No longer oh-solo-meee-oh

A kitten, who is called Pixie now has been staying here for one whole week. Mum says that she is currently in a foster-to-adopt status to see how it works out between me and the kitten. We met on Wednesday, we haven't gotten in any fights since then. Actually this morning we had a raucaus game of THoE, I chase and she runs and hides.  She is scared of EVERYTHING, but getting less so as the days progress.  I keep trying to make friends with her, but she gets grouchy when I sniff her butt, girls are so complecated.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Buckwheat's Gotcha-Versary and Birthday

From the Mum:
Today is Buckwheat's 3rd "Gotcha-versary" and also what we consider his birthday since we don't know the official date. This makes him 8 years old now. Buckwheat came from the SPCA about 7 weeks after losing our first cat William. He brings joy to us everday, with his soulful eyes and dependant nature. The incessant meowing can be a little nerve wracking on a occasion, but he does it because he has to be with someone all the time, he is the least independant of cats and can't handle being by himself, unless he's asleep. He has a way of pleading at me with his eyes, I can't capture it in photographs, but you can tell that he is silently saying "excuse me, I love you, please pet me and give me all of the attention". He is the sweetest of the Sweet Wheats. Happy birthday-versary Buckwheat, I got you a new toy to ignore and you'll get an entire pouch of Bisque for dinner instead of the usual, half.

Secret Paws 2023- a delayed review

 Hi furrends!! Buckwheat here for our annual Secret Paws thank you blog post.  This year we traded gifts with BJ Bangs and crew. Thanks to t...