Lazy sunday

It has been a lazy Sunday. I napped on the couch with LL and LM during the F1 race, then I napped on the bed, now I'm napping on the couch.  I love Sundays.

Sorry for the poor lighting.

These treats did not treat me well

I think my Lap Lady is finally realizing that getting the free treat samples from for our reviews is not the best of ideas.  I am a kitty with a sensitive tummy and a very particular palate.  In essence, the epitome of the finicky feline is right here.

So in this episode as my recurring role as a Chewy Influencer review writer, I will be telling you briefly about my experience with Iams Proactive Health, Hairball Care chicken flavor cat treats.

I profess to be a connoiseur of boxes and this one looks like a winner! 
For starters, this package is quite tasty. I am a professional bag licker, you can trust this judgement.
[Long snnnniiiiiiiiiiifffff] Aaah, yes they smell delicious.

*LL," Here Buckwheat, try these new Iams treats that we recieved from  I see it says to feed 10 nuggets per day to prevent hairballs.  Too bad you are only allowed to have 3 by my rules"

The Wheat, "3? Who came up with this rule anyway? I don't like it"

LL," 3 is the …

Sunday snooze day

It's a good time for an upside down nap today.  LL has that ugly suitcase packed up stairs so I have to take advantage of her cushiony legs while I can.

Blending with the blanket

I love snuggling under my blanket. I also love sitting on top of it when it's folded on the couch back.  It's the best blankie and it matches my furs.

Cat Loaf

This cat loaf is so cute, you just want to eat him up.  Looks like he rose up higher on one side than the other though.

Sunday Sunshine

What a beautiful day!  The door is open, the birds are being enjoyably noisy and the sun is warm on my legs and toesies. Too bad the porch roof is blocking my sun spot from being full coverage.  I guess I have to wait until later when it is at a better angle.  Or...maybe they could let me out on the porch to enjoy it.