Sunday, June 18, 2017

My big interview

It's official. I've hit the big time. I was interviewed by the Funny Farmer Felines on  it wasn't for a job, it was more like a tell all.
Check it out here:

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Terrible Toenails Tuesday.

My toenails are very long and sharp. I do not act nice if the humans try to trim them.  I even scratched my own ear with one of them. I chew on them  myself,  but according to LL I'm not good at that.  What she doesn't know is that I wanted them sharper not shorter.  I have no front claws,  so I gotta protect the ones I have.

(Disclaimer:The toenails were extended while pushing up against the desk in this picture.  They tuck into the toe fur normally. They do need trimming though)

Sunday, June 11, 2017

How many naps can a lap cat take?

This photo is right before my first nap on this Sunday.  You can see a video of my sleepy head bobble on my Facebook page.  I'm at the kitchen table with 'LL for now, but I know she'll have to get up and ruin it at some point.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Falcor The Luck Dragon that looks like a flying dog

I just finished watching a movie with LL.  It's a pretty old one, like way older than me. So, I'm sure that nothing that I tell you about here will be a spoiler. It was called, "The Neverending Story".  I learned about Rock Biters, Falcor the Luck Dragon, AND the racing snail that LL said I looked like in a picture that she took of me a few weeks ago (see the FB page).  It was a pretty great movie, I liked it alot, except for that part where Artex drowned in the Swamps of Sadness.  That was really sad.   That Gmorg though, he was really scary, I didn't like him one bit, I cheered when Atreyu stabbed him. They should have had a cat character, I think the movie really would have benefitted from someone like that.  The Luck Dragon was more like a giant flying white dog than a dragon, although he was cool.   I liked the Childlike Empress, she was so pretty and I was glad that Bastian shouted his Mom's name and saved her.  Overall, this was a great way to spend my Caturday afternoon with my LL.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Helpful Hairball

This evening I was very helpful.  Because of me, LL learned that her computer has 'Airplane Mode' and makes a lot of fun noises.  What would humans do without us cats anyway?  I just don't even know.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Cat Mom's Day

Today I want to say thank you to my LL.  She adopted me last year from the Sumter SPCA where I had stayed for about four months.  I am so very thankful for being brought to a wonderful new home, with loving people.  She is the best cat mom a boy could ask for. She also has one of the best laps around.   Happy Cat Mom's Day! 

Edit: #bloggerfail   I don't know why my videos won't work anymore...

Sunday, April 30, 2017

That's a Catamazing Puzzle Box Toy!

For our April freebie to review from we opted to not get a food item, since they haven't had a very good track record with me.  This time we asked Natalie for the toy they were offering and lucky for us, we were able to get one before they were all gone. 

Normally I like toys that I can chase, like that evil red dot, my buzzy bug and mousie toys. This toy is a puzzle.  "A puzzle???"  Now you may be thinking, that a puzzle doesn't sound like very much fun because it takes some brain power.  Yes, I had to put my thinker to use for this one.  But it was for a good cause, because when I figured it out, I got my favorite treats.

Alright, I'll show you what it is.

Well, here is the package. I had to show you that because it is CatAmazing.

LL is lucky that she didn't tell me to put it together myself, we woulda had a problem then.

So here is the puzzle box all folded into it's proper form.  You see I'm more interested in the Chewy box to start. Then she finally added a few treats in there.

The object of the game is for the kitty to get the treat out of the box, there are little walls with holes inside the main box that I had to push the treat though, like a maze.

My favorite treats are a kind that are round, so they roll all around inside the CatAmazing puzzle box. I'm not sure if that makes the game easier or more difficult. 

Gah!  This is so frustrating! You think you have it going out the side and then something blocks it or it gets away.  

I was able to figure it out pretty quickly, without too much stress on the brain waves.  It's rather fun having to work for treats sometimes. I'm happy that she doesn't make me do this for my bed time treats. 

I thank as always, for sending me new products to try, in return for my honest reviews. 

This is Buckwheat, a Chewy Influencer saying, Happy Spring Efurryone!
Hmm, I wonder what I could do to convince the humans that we need to keep this box too...

My big interview

It's official. I've hit the big time. I was interviewed by the Funny Farmer Felines on  it wasn't for a job, it...