Tuesday, August 30, 2016

On the inside

I have no front claws, which means I don't get to go outside.  I don't know what is out there, but I see the peepul go out the door to do stuff.  So I sit and watch out the window, and wait for them to come back in.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Eye Briskers

Today while the LL was pointing the rectangle thingie at me she realized what long eye briskers (aka: eye brow whiskers) I have.  Yes, they are very long, and actually one side is longer than the other, at least one of them stands up higher than the others. I use them as feelers for figuring out how I can fit under things, like the couch, the love seat, the table and whatever else.  I like to hide under furniture, I feel safe under there sometimes.  It's what the Buckwheat do.

Monday, August 22, 2016

One month gotcha-versary and introductions

Hi every buddy!  As you have heard, I am Buckwheat and I am the new kitty here at the Snapp house. 

 Many of you used to follow William, the kitty who was here before me. He has been guiding me during my first month here at the house as a spirit cat.  He has told me the places that I'm allowed to sleep and where his special spots were, that I'm not supposed to nap in.  For example, he used to spend a lot of time on the carpet under the pool table, I haven't found that to be a place that I want to really be.  He did tell me that the bench at the kitchen table is a great place to snooze, it's sort of out of sight of the people and it's also conveniently located to the food during dinner time.  I haven't been allowed to eat much dinner food with the people though. I haven't found much that I like anyway.  He told me that the recliner chair is one of the best spots, and he was totally right about that one.  I know the lady misses him a lot still and she gets sad thinking about him, so I'm going to move on to another topic now.

I met the lap lady about a month and a half ago, when she started visiting at that place that I was staying.  It was a place with many other kitties.  I got left there one day by my used-to-be-family,  I don't know why really, things were good with them until they brought home a tiny noisy person.  After that, everything changed and I may have been a bit upset and jealous about the whole thing, and may have acted out a little bit, but nothing too terrible.  Anyway, I guess they chose the tiny person over me and took me to the big kitty house.  I was there for what they say was nearly 4 months, then the lap lady came and I really liked her.  She sat with me and let me sit in her lap, which is my most favorite place in the whole wide world.  She visited a few times and then decided that she and the lap man were lonely without a furry friend in the house.  She told him how loveable and sweet that I was and he told her to bring me home, and then she did!
I am about 5 years old, but I feel like a kitten. My name has been Bucky for those years, but I am Buckwheat here, (sometimes Mini-Wheats, or simply The Wheat). I only have claws on my back feet, which makes things feel funny on my front feet.  I touch things a lot and I love to make the bizkits on everything, especially on laps, arms, the squishy pillows on the lap lady's front and wherever else I can. 
I have learned that there are many things to enjoy in this house.  I have counters, benches, floors, carpets, couches, big chairs, little chairs, desk chairs, you name it, there are things to lay on every where here.  I have fun running up and down the stairs, I like to skip steps when I run down them. I like watching the people's litter water bowl go in circles.  I like drinking water from bowls.  I like sitting in laps, actually no I don't, I LOVE LAPS!  
There are some things that I don't really like though. I don't like that pool table!  That game is too darn loud. Cats dislike billiards!  I don't like it when the lap lady pays attention to those flat light up rectangle thingies and not me.  I don't really like having my picture taken with the light up flat rectangle, and usually look away when she points it at me. 

I'm really happy to be here with the Lap Lady and Lap Man, and they are very happy to have me.  I never knew I could have internet fans and I'm looking forward to telling you more about me and things that go on in my world.  The world of Buckwheat!


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An Ode to the Gang who was here in the beginnning

An Ode to the Gang who was here in the beginnning