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Happy Birthday!!!

Happy 4th Birthday to William, the bestest kitty in all the land!! (according to his Mum). There will be treats and prezzints later.
birthday dinner, yum yum yum

rainy day face

On Sunday we had a rainy day, but that didn\'t stop me from going out side. I know I\'m crazy, but I was out there, and I even got a little wet a few times. I would go out, then beg to be let in. I guess I make funny faces when I sit outside the door and Mum got some pics of me.

yum yum yum

Mum bought me a new yummy dinner tonight. It was a new meow mix kind. It was salmon and tuna flavor. I liked it. Lots.

dawg medication??

This morning my sleeping unit got transformed into the PTU again. Where was Mum taking me this time? I had to go to that Dr. Place. The ride over was ok. I was very quiet, because I was wondering how long of a trip it would be. Luckily it was only about 10 minutes. We got there and Mum gave me 2 Temptations for being a good boy, I didn\\\'t chew them and one kind of stuck in my throat. I gulped a few times and Mum decided I was ok. We went in and there was a puppy walking around on a leash, I saw him and hissed at him. We went in the room and met the tech. When I walked out onto the floor she was stunned at myy gorgeousness. She even said "wow! He\\\'s beautiful". Thank you, thank you very much. I let her picked me up and put me on the scale, I weigh 19.9. Then she tried to pet me, which I wasn\\\'t sure about, so I hissed and swatted her a little. Mum and her discussed what I was there for which was just to get some flea and heartworm prevention stuff. The…

Mancat Monday

I have things to do out in the yard this morning, but Mum called me back to the door, so I raced over to see what she wanted. See my speed, like a Tiger in the wild. My tail acts acts as a balance keeper.

Wordless Wednesday


Night time patrol

Its a very nice warm evening out there tonight. The peepul opened the back door to let some air in and of course that means that Patrolman Bill is hard at work. I have to make sure that my territory is guarded from introoshuns.

It also gives me time for night time bug hunting, there were some little moths that I was chasing for a minute.
The yard appears to be safe and free of introoders.Don't worry Mum, I got this!