Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Chewy Is Awesome!

As you probably know, I am one of the fortunate critters who get to receive samples from in return for honest reviews. I love getting Chewy packages and the one I got a few weeks ago was extra big.  How EXCITING!  I had to wait for my Mum to come home to open it and watching it just sit there was agonizing.

This is what was inside, yes ALLLL of of this!  That's like a gazillion meals of hopefully delishus wet stinky glorious food.

The goods:   Nutro Perfect Portions in soft Turkey loaf recipe.
Let me tell you,  this is some good food!  It's called perfect portion because I get to have the whole portion, the little pack is separated into two serving sizes, so Mum breaks the pack in half and I get the little rectangle of food in my bowl, and I eat ALL of it.  What is really cool, is that when I get my stinky goodness, it isn't all cold like I would get when Mum put the other half of the Meow Mix cup in the fridge, it's always pantry temperature. 
I think that Nutro makes quality pet food and this is no exception, it has good ingredients, here are the top 4 : Turkey, Turkey Broth, Chicken Liver, Pork Broth, it would only be better if it was fish flavor, and they do have many kinds, which I bet are all yummy.  Other flavors include, chicken, chicken with shrimp, and salmon with tuna (I would love that one).  

As a bonus, which I doubt that bargained for, is that the box is perfectly cat sized.  Mum was nice and cut off the sides and kept the packing paper and look who fits just right in here.  It's ME of course.

As always, I would like to thank the wonderful people at for sending me this great sample.  They are accepting new bloggers for the review program if you are interested in participating.  Send Sydney a message at  and tell 'em William sent ya!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Posture pointers

The peepul say to stand up tall, with your shoulders back, to look tough and confident.  Here is my example of good and bad cat posture. This is slouching:

This is sitting up straight and tall:
It's a combination of  doing the following, stretch your neck up, straightenyour front legs, hold your head high and most importantly, don't forget to suck in that furchin. 
If I were going to a job interview (I don't know know why I would need to do that, I have an easy pampered life). This is how I would sit to talk to the boss.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The man chair

As most of you who follow my Facebook (I have over 700 followers there, as compared to many fewer here, which why I do most posting on the FB these days) we moved to a new house a few weeks ago. It took some adjusting for me, but now I like it alot, there is a ton of space to run around on the wooden floor that makes lots of great noise. One of the best things is that my favorite peepul chair is in the livingroom again. Mum is a little jealous that I don't want to sit on the couch with her as much.  This the man chair, where the men of the house like to sit, if she sits in the man chair, I sit with her too, so I guess its not just for the men.


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An Ode to the Gang who was here in the beginnning

An Ode to the Gang who was here in the beginnning