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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Baby picture day at the Tabby Cats Club

Today is cute baby picture day at the Tabby Cats Club

Hey all, I couldn't pass up on posting some of my totally adorbz baby pics.
Here I am after a long day of meeting my new peepul and waiting for all of the adoption paperwork to get processed before we could drive home. (May 23, 2008)  This is the fancy box that I got brought home in: 

 It didn't take me long to get comfy and settled in. I don't fit in laps like this anymore, I can stretch all the way down Mum's leg and spill out over the edges.
This is the face of a happy kitten.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Mum, it's Caturday, you'll be home all day.  I fully expect you to open this food door whenever I ask you to, all day long!  Hungry kitties need crunchies. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 review on Blue Kitty Yums.

Ooh!  It's another box from the people!  I love getting mail from them! I wonder what they have sent me this time...

Well these look pretty tasty, Kitty YUMS from the Blue Buffalo company.  I love fish flavored things, but these are chicken and they are soft treats ( I usually prefer the crunchy ones).  I'm willing to give them a try regardless, cause you know...its food, and I love food!

The ingredients are at the top of the line.                   Chicken, brown rice, oatmeal, and other flavorful, healthy items.   

Give me one of those Mum!

Yummo!  Those sure are delicious.  I love the flavor and even then texture is good. They very chickeny and soft, just like real chicken is.  I was begging for more after this picture. 

Thanks again for the treats!  Time for an after snack bath.  You know a cat is satisfied if a face washing sessions happens right after eating.

Disclaimer:  I received these treats for free from in return for an honest review.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wow Mum, just wow

She had to look on my blog 2 weeks after the fact to see how it was that we had numerous comments.  Turns out she totally forgot sbout my Gotcha Day (May 23) and my Blogoversary (May 24) until just now.  Thanks everyone else who knew about it and mentioned it.  

In other news I just tried a new thing.  The WB was eating a long shiny skinny thing, so naturally I had to check it out.  It smelled pretty wonderful, like a sweet berry.  He let me taste it, so I started biting the end.  It was chewy so I had to naw on it, i chewed it till a piece broke off, which I sniffed, then ignored. They called it a Twizzler.  I didn't eat it because it didn't smell, feel or taste like fish or chicken, so I figured it must be human only food.  Of course they found it amusing that I even bothered with it.  Peepul are funny like that.
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