Sunday Selfie

My Sunday Selfie contribution

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The Daily Pip said…
Wonderful selfie! You must have a great view from up there!
Flynn said…
That is a lovely selfie!
That's a great pose. Nice to meet you!
The Island Cats said…
That's an impressive selfie. Did you use the Cat Selfie app? I've used that one in the past. ~Ernie
Great selfie!

The Florida Furkids
meowmeowmans said…
Nice selfie, William! Looks like you have a birds-eye view!
Marty the Manx said…
Love your selfie William! You have the best view from above!
Christy Paws said…
Great angle on that selfie.
Wow, creative angle! You're not looking down on us are you? Or ARE you?
Dash Kitten said…
wow - now THAT is a fantastic selfie!! Well done indeed!!!!

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