Mini Mancat in Training Monday

This is my roaring face, scairy isn't it? Did you know that my foster family actually called me Rory before my Mum and Dad adopted me, that is what my first name wuz. They said that I made funny noizes when I ran around the howse so that is why they named me Rory. While I'm at it, here is my original biography from the where my Mum found me:

Hi! I am Rory! That is me on the right side, snuggled up next to my brothers and sisters. I was named Rory for the funny noises I make when I run through the house. I love to play. I have been raised in a home with other cats as well as a big black dog. I love them all. My foster family would like to find me a home before I get to be 8 weeks and 2lbs so that once I am neutered I can start my new life with my new family. I would love to meet you and fill your home with happiness and love. I am up to date with my vaccines. If you are interested in meeting me please send us an e-mail so that the foster coordinator can contact my foster family and we can schedule a time to get acquainted.

These are my brothers and sisters, I hope they found wunderful furrever homes just like I have.


Tybalt said…
What a great roar you must have! ;)
Parker said…
Dear Rory, er, ah, I mean Willie,
What a sweet family you came from! You do have a big roaring face! Just perfect for a mancat in training!
The Meezers said…
Willie, you are indeed scairty!! mommy says "oh you cutie pie" but she really means she's scairty of your roary face.
PB & J said…
That's an excellent Roaring face! We hope all your brothers and sisters have found homes as well.
Mr. Tigger said…
Hi Willie, you have a mighty roaring face for sure! You are a very handsome mini Mancat in training! It is very nice to meet you and hear your furever story! Would you like to join the M-Cats Club, we have a special place for M-Cats-in-training just like you! Check us out.
Hi 5 paw,
Mr. Tigger
Oh what a cutie! Can I lick all those little kitten heads? What cuties.
HotMBC said…
ROAR! :)
Fanks for coming to my shower this weekend. It was lots of fun!
Daisy said…
I love your roaring face!
DaisyMae Maus said…
Those were some awfully cute kitties in your foster fambly, Willie! You're furry lucky to have found your forever home while you were so young.

Pablo said…
You're gonna grow into an awesome mancat, Willie! It's so nice that you have a photo of your brothers and sisters... I don't know what mine looked like, how many I had or where they've ended up. This is my first visit to your blog, so a belated welcome to the blogosphere!
DKM said…
How could she have not taken them all home???
You haf a great roar look, Willie!

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