Hooray! Huzzah! Just when you thought I couldn't fit my butt into this cracker tunnel, you were wrong, I have done it! I am all the way in the tunnel...
Now how do I get out???

I gotta flip over and just keep pushin myself through, the same way I got in.
What a fun toy!


You know that looks like fun. I hope no one comes by and mistakes you for the crackers though.
How cute. We'd try that but Buddy would want to play and Samaritan would push him out of the way to try it first and would get his paw (yes, his giant paw) stuck in it and Jan would yell at all of us for crumbling all her crackers (what do you mean you're supposed to empty the box first?) and shredding the box and we'd all be crying instead of playing. So we think we'll pass on trying it. But it looks like fun when you do it.

Can you believe we got that whole first part in ONE sentence?
Brownie said…
Hahaha you look so funny :)
The Island Cats said…
Willie, that looks like so much fun. We're gonna ask our mom to get us a Zesta cracker box so we can have some fun too!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
hehehehehehe! Willie you look cuter than cute in that Zesta box!! We love it!
Your FL furiends,fpezkmqp
Whicky Wuudler said…
Willy it's obvious that you are made of squishy rubber or perhaps the Zesta box is a bit like the TARDIS in Doctor Who (bigger on the inside than the outside) ;)
Wow, an I thought I was slender an good an gettin inta things...!

Beethoven said…
That is such an awesome toy Willie! I wish I've gotted such a box too!
Lux said…
You look really cute in that cracker box!
Ana said…
Hehe, too funny. Must have been hard work to figure out how to fit in there.. :-D
Mo said…
You sure are a cracker!

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