Some changes coming to my blog

I have decided to change my blog just a little, I am going to let the berd and the phish join in the fun, you see that I have added them to my heading picture and changed my title to fit them. They will have a day of blogging each week, I'm not going to let them have a whole bunch of days, I don't like to share that much, and I don't know how interesting their days will be since one lives in a cage and one lives in a bowl, but hopefully they will provide some entertainment. Oh wait, Samule wants to say something.

Samule-- Excuse me! Not interesting?? I am a lovely little cockatiel and I have been with the people longer than you, fur ball. I can agree that the house has become more interesting since you came around, but I don't know if it interesting in a good way. You just stare at me all day and when I do get to come out you try to swat me. I used to be out all the time sitting on the lady's shoulder while she was at the computer, now I don't get to do that much because you ruin it.

Willie-- I don't mean to annoy you, I just don't understand you, I mean most berds are out on the other side of the window and you are in the house, I just want to touch you because your feathers look so soft.

Samule-- They are very soft feathers, but I don't think you need to know that. I see how you attack that little Ping guy and have your teeth around his throat, I don't want that to happen to me. I do thank you for letting me have a spot on your blog, that is generous of you.

Phin-- I would like to have a word with this cat too. I am in a bowl because I have to live in water, I don't much appreciate it when you stick your paws or tongue in my water, just so you know.

Willie-- Oh sorry about that, I saw another place to drink and thought I'd try, it tasted a bit funny though.

Phin-- Just don't let your paws or tongue touch me and we'll be fine. I'm getting up there in age for a phish, I am about 2 1/2 years old, which is a long time to be in a phish bowl, I can't take much stress from a kitten.

Well there you go everybody, that is Samule and Phin, they will have more to say later in the week, actually they will probably have more to say before then, but they will say it on the blog later in the week.


PB 'n J said…
Nice to meet you Samule and Phin! And it's nice of you to share Willie! We used to share with our woofie sister, but she finally go her own bloggie.
Cool! We would love to hear more about their lives. Everyone always wants our horse Snap to join in and blog but she doesn't really like computers.

Furkidsmom said…
Hi Samule and Phin! We're looking forward to reading more about you! What a good pal you have in Willie!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
Daisy said…
Willie, I think you are very nice to share your blog!
Whicky Wuudler said…
Hi Samule, Hi Phin! Very nice of Willie to let you join in.
Eric and Flynn said…
Hi Samule and Phin. It will be interesting to hear from you.
Cool and awesome... how neat to have the winged-ones join in! You should go visit Pumpkin cause they got a birdie too.
Rattitude said…
how nice for you to share your space with your "not of my species" siblings.
Willow said…
I think that is very nice of you to share your blog with Samule and Phin!

Purrrrrrrrs, Willow
We haf 2 of those phish like yours. They are kinna boring though, cause they don't move aroun much. But we will be watchin, jus in case...
Camie's Kitties said…
Willie, it is nice of you to share your blog with Samule and Phin. It sounds like you have the right idea tho - testing Phin's water and trying to get a paw on Samule. How else can you learn all about them?

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
tahtimbo said…
Your header rocks! I also love how you write! You are in my favorites and I will be back to not only drop, but also to read your articles. You are aces (just don't tell KoKo I said that).
Black Cat said…
That'd kind of you Willie, I'm looking forward to hearing more from Samule and Phin:) xxx

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