Whiney Wensday

Ow my mouth hurts! What is this pain that my teeths are causing me? Luckily Mum is letting me chew on her fingers because where it hurts most the teeth aren't grown yet so it doesn't hurt her much. I hurts to eat my crunchies, I only ate half of my foods yesserday, she needs to go to the store to get some wet foods. She'll go there soon I think. Any advice on how else she can help me? We hope this owch goes away soon. By the way tomorrow is my 6-month birthday, I'm half way to full fledged man-cat.This is me and my Mum last week, I was kinda chewin her fingers then too.


Chance said…
Baby Bean Fud iz gud. It taysts yummie an iz gud fur yoo too. Speshully da chik-hen flavurs. Yummm
Aww that stinks! They have special teething cat toys. I know target has some.

Oh boy, yoo is losing yoor baby teefs! Gosh, yoor growing up so fast.
Parker said…
Hi Willie, I think you are getting your mancat teeth!
Eric and Flynn said…
When we were losing our baby teeth, we used to go and chew on our cardboard toy box. Mum kept finding little tiny teeth in it.
The Meezers said…
yep, baby bean foods!!! and teething toys!!! but DEMAND the baby bean foods!!!
Aoise said…
You are loosing your kitten teefs sweet thing. Just wait till your handsome mancat teefs appear !
PB 'n J said…
I loved chewing toilet paper or news paper, but I'm not sure it helped as much as it was just plain fun!

Just get lots of stinky goodness!

aw, poor willie! i'm sorry about your teeths. they should have kitten teething toys at PetSmart. for mommy's friend's puppy, she found a bone that could be frozen and was still soft to chew on. maybe they have that for kitties.

you could try moist food aka "stinky goodness" too. it is sooooooooooo good
PS we think that you should send your pictures of the Zesta box to "Cats in Boxes" you're a shoe in!!

Camie's Kitties said…
We agree that soft food is probably best until your mancat teeth come in. And chewing on toys helps too.

It never hurts to beg for baby food. We love it, and mom always keeps some in stock for us, especially because when Tiki's sugar drops, he will eat that over anything else.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Willow said…
Oh, you do need some cat teething toys! Baby bean food sounds good too!

Purrrrrrrrrs, Willow
Lux said…
The only I can think of are chew toys - I bit a lot that first year, too!
We liked ice cubes in our bowl... they are fun to chew on, fun to chase when they roll around the kitchen floor and they kind of make the toothy-pain go away... but bean-finger-food is the best!
Wet foods are REALLY good when yer teef hurt!


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