Funny Feline Friday

Thanks to Zoolatry for makin this way pawsome fall themed picture for me. It fits my crazy catonality.


The Island Cats said…
That's a great pic! Zoolatry rocks!
Oh that is a wonderful picture!
Cool picture. We love the hat!
Great picture! I would not like green eggs, but I certainly would love the ham. You look very cool.

Zoolatry is so talented!
mat said…
What a beautiful picture! I am thinking of getting an artificial pumpkin from Pet Supplies and take picture of my cat with it on Halloween.
PB 'n J said…
That's a great picture Willie - a great capture of your purrsonality!
Camie's Kitties said…
That is an adorable picture of you Willie.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

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