Easy like Sunday

Me chillin on Mum's lap.

This will be me later on today.
I like to hog the computer chair when I'm not blogging. I leave Mum a few inches to sit on, I think that is being more than reasonable.


The Island Cats said…
You've got a nice mum that she lets you share her lap and chair! Enjoy your Sunday snooze!
I usually leave an inch or two myself. Else the Woman moves me...
T'Abby Normal said…
I love your pose. I love your colors. You are definitely the superious being in your household.

Abby Normal
Cory said…
Great tummy shot! Your mum should be happy for every inch you allow her to have.
Love that spotted tummy!
PB 'n J said…
Seems only fair - at least you share the chair!
Looks like ya hadda puurfect Sunday!
Tabby said…
Purrfect Sunday for a handsome tabby! I hog my mom's computer chair too but I am big boned so there's no room for her at all if I'm there.
Everycat said…
Oh just look at your tabby tum! It's great!
Jonathan Hunt said…
Hah at least you leave some room!

The cat we used to have would just force you off any chair. If he wanted to sit on it, you were gently pushed further and further off it :)

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