Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Mum's a fish saver!

My peepul went to a krissmis party the other night, they got all dressed up in festive outfits and left me all alone with the berd until like it was nearly bed time. When they came home, they brought some things that they had won from the raffles, they got a coffee cup, Starbucks beans in a bag and some things in envelopes, these are all things that are typical krissmis party winnings. However, there was something else with them, a white foam cup. What was in this cup you ask?

These guyz...

At the party the tables were decorated festively. As the center piece there were big glasses of water, they were like margarita glasses but bigger and they had floating candles in them. There was also a gold fishy in the water swimming around in the glass. My Mum thought it was really kyoot but also felt bad for them, because she didn't know what was going to happen at the end of the party. When the party was over, no one had said anything about what was gonna happen to the fishies, so some body at their table went around and collected all of the fishies in a cup and gave them to my Mum. She brought them home and put them in Phin's empty tank, she is not sure how long they are going to live since they went through alot of traveling and stress, but she is going to feed them and make them right at home. So now we have phins back in our gang.

This is how I feel about these new fish friends... Whatever.


Everycat said...

Your Mom is a star Willie, for rescuing those little feesh. We think it's so unfair that small creatures get used that way, as table decorations, they must be so stressed. They have a nice home now though, I hope they do well.

Whicky Wuudler

A Few Good Cats said...

Willie, your mom is so thoughtful to care for those goldfish. You have to understand that about her and not be grumpy that you can't get those fish for yourself.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Well I am glad that those fish got a fine home with your people. What a stressful situation as Everycat said. Your person will be lucky if many of them survive for very long.

SophieKitty said...

That was nice of your mom to save the fishies. I can see you are absolutely thrilled.

Camie's Kitties said...

Great picture Willie! It shows your feelings so well. We hope the fishies survive. We are proud of your mommy for rescuing them.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

PS - how many phins are in your new group?

Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Hi Willie, those fish are so cute! Your Mom is an angel to rescue them. We tagged you for the Picture Meme, you can read about it on our blog!
Your FL furiends,

Everycat said...

Hi again Willie, We have nominated you for a little award, drop by when you can to pick it up!


Grrreta said...

Mommy could not stop laughing at the expression on your face. You are so funny! Your mom is very nice to save the fishies and give them a good home.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

that is so wonderful of your mommy. we hate seeing fishies used that way. luckily we've never seen it in person. my mommy thinks she would do what yours did.

i'm very glad you have Phins back in your family again.

Um, do you think you'll get more interested in them? i think i would

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