Mancat on the job training Monday

My Many Household Jobs
This me laying in front of the bird cage, doing one of my household chores- making sure the bird doesn't go anywhere.

This is another of my many jobs - Laundry assistant.

I gotta get all of my Man cat training done it's almost the 28th.


I love helping with laundry--particularly when it's all warm and dry.
Great job! I'm with Chey, I like snoopervising when they are clean and warm and dray. Willie, you are doing great with your Mancat Training.

I can't believe you'll be one year old soon! That is a big birthday. You'll do great as a Mancat.

Pookie sure is a pretty ladycat. You two are very cute together. purrrrrrrrs
Tuck said…
Wow, you are almost a real mancat! I'll be a mancat in training for like 6 more months...I bet you'll make a good one!
Furkidsmom said…
You're doing a great job with your training! You're going to be a super ManCat!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
The Island Cats said…
Good job, Willie! You're taking your training very serious!
SophieKitty said…
You are a very busy cat! But it looks like you get the job done.

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