Saturday, February 7, 2009

My prezzints!

If you recall, I told you the other day that Cami, Tavi, Cody, and Miss Jade's mom Tara gave me some gifts when she and my Mum met on Tuesday. Well here it is...
First she gave me this totally fun bag to play in. It has crunchy sounding paper in it and I think it is way cool.
Mum - "actually that wasn't really a present, that is just what the presents came in."
Me - "you mean it wasn't a toy?"
Mum- "you can play with it all you like"
Me - "I think it was a prezzint, and you can't make me think other wise"
Mum - "I knew you would have more fun with the bag than what was actually inside anyway"
Me- "that's fer sure, I do like what came in the bag too though"

What was in the bag you ask?
Mom Tara made me this snuggly warm blue blankie. Just for me she made it. I am so honored. I would thank her with head boops and rubs and purrs if she came to see me.Tomorrow I will show you where I like to use my wonderful new blankie.


Daisy said...

That blankie looks beautiful and soft! And I especially like the fuzzy trim.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

The blankie does look nice, but I can see why you are attracted to that bag!

A Few Good Cats said...

Wow - a blanket *and* a bag to play in! Two great presents in one! And the color of the blankie goes great with your soft fur.

The Island Cats said...

That blankie looks really warm. We can't wait to see where you use it!


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