Saturday Caturday

Hey! My straw is under the door, how can I get it out?

Maybe if I roll upside down and push on the door I can get it...Or maybe I'll have to strrreetch way out so I can reach it..
I guess I'll just have to get Mum to open the door. "Meow, Meow, Mum open the door so I can get my straw back!!!"


That's how we do it..."MOOOOOOOM help us" works effury time.
Tuck said…
At least the humans are good for something! I make mine fetch too!
3 Cat Blog said…
You can really strrrrrrretch! Furry nice belly :)
Katie said…
Haha, Puddy tries to shove her head under the door and ends up bumping her nose - it's a good thing you didn't try that - it hurts! I hope you got your straw back :)
The Island Cats said…
So did you get it back??? We sure hope so after all the effort you went through!
Did you get it? You have to stretch that paw just right to get it you know.
Grrreta said…
That was a pretty good strategy to make a scene and look super cute until your mom helps you get the straw.

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