Saturday, June 27, 2009

Outside, 2 days in a row!

I've been having fun for a few minutes at a time the past few days.
Yesterday I snuck out the front door when the WB went outside. He let me stay near the walkway and eat grass for a few minutes, then I thought there would be better tasting grass at the house next door, so I ran over there. He chased me and picked me up and took me inside. Boooo.
Today Mum and WB were in the office when Mum heard a small thud. She went out to the front of the house and was calling me, but guess where I was... out on the walkway outside the screen door. Someone had been nice enough to forget to latch the screen and I pushed it with my nose and it opened all the way, it never usually works like that. I was out there eating grass again, she stood and watched me for a few minutes and then WB came out and combed me for a while as I kept eating the grass. (I LOOOVE grass) All was going smoothly and I was purring lots to tell them how happy I was about this venture, but then I got that idea again, that the neighbors grass would taste better and went over to have a try. WB picked me up again and put me back inside. Now I gotta figure out how to push that screen door open again, I keep failing and the peepul keep yelling at me to stop it, but I'll keep trying... wish me luck.
(Sorry for no pictures of this adventure, blame Mum)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dad's Day

To my Wresslin Buddy!!
Ever since my very first nap beside you on the couch, I knew we would be best friends for life. Happy Dad's day! Luv Weelyem.
Holy cats I was kyoot when I was a baby.

Friday, June 19, 2009

International Box Day 2009!

Today is Box day all across the Cat Blogosphere. Here all of my favorite pictures of me in boxes in celebration of this new great holiday!

This is the first box that I was ever in. It's the carrier that my Mum and WB brought me home in!You all must remember the day I decided to play in the cracker box!

This was a box that my Grammie sent to my Mum, all the way from Maine! I still have it.
The box that the WB's new laptop came in was really fun to curl myself up in. This was a kitty pretzel pose as my Mum called it. Please excuse my spot 13, I'm not even sure how it is pointing this way, I was really in a weerd position.This box is the clothes box, I help out with the laundry every now and then.This is a new box Mum brought home today, just for Box Day! (actually she bought the thing that it had inside)

I hope everyone has a totally pawsome Box Day 2009!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grooming Aids

The keys to how I stay so handsome...

I'd like to tell you about the grooming tools that my Wresslin Buddy uses on me to help keep me clean and shiny.

The first thing we use is this little comb:A combing session typically ends with a gobs of hair that look like Brillo pads. You wouldn't think that I have that much hair to lose, but it comes from somewhere.

After the comb we use this brush:
It's especially useful for getting my black stripe that goes from my head to my tail. I can't reach that part very well and having a grooming assistant aids in keeping it nice looking.

At the end of our grooming session we use this motorized hair removal tool:

I know efurryone in the Cat Blogosphere is thinking, "Willie, that's a vacuum, cat's don't get vacuumed", I say to you "don't mock it until you try it". It's actually quite relaxing, it sucks up all of that extra loose hair that is on me after the brushing and combing so it doesn't get sucked up into the computer vents. Also, it prevents hairballs, I've never coughed one up yet. The little Shark Vac that we have is not really loud (although it is not silent like the video shows, our camera's sound recorder mysteriously stopped working) and it feels kind of cool on my skin. As you can see here, it is very enjoyable, so give it a try with your peepul today!

Monday, June 8, 2009

What a Mancat Morning

This is me looking cross about the morning I've just had.

I had to go to the V-E-T for my annual stabs. I was a very good boy about the whole thing, I even purred at the V-E-T office, while they weighed me, while they listened to my heart, pretty much through the whole thing, except when they pinned me down and stabbed me in each back leg haunch. That part I didn't enjoy, I made a little mrrrooo noise when they did the second one. I rode in the truck in the carrier, I'm not a big fan of riding, I meow and complain about it for most of the 5 minute ride. I did get to go to Mum's office for a few minutes and meet her friends there, that was kinda fun, except she didn't let me out of the carrier, I wish she could have...
Now I am home, Mum is going to give me some Meow Mix Tuna and Shrimp for lunch before she goes back to work, then I am going to sleep the rest of the day after all of this stress, I need to go make biscuits on the bloo blankie to relax.

I was told by the vet tech that I am a solid cat, that's right, solid Mancat! All 17 pounds of me, solid plus one flabby furchin...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Relaxation Time

This is how I relax. I only make biscuits on this blankie, I find it to be very soothing after a rough day of napping and playing. I just knead and knead, I clear my mind and purr away the stress of the day. What do you do to relax?


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