Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shiny Fish Dish

So far this has been a good weekend, I got to go outside this morning and watch some birds, and the peepul across the street walking their dog. Then I came inside and perched here for a few minutes while mum was doing something in the office. Notice how I hook my "thumb" nails into the chair holes, it aids in stability.

Mum and the WB were gone for a few hours today, oh by the way, the WB who was initially called the WB because he is my Wresslin buddy, has come up with something new that WB can mean. He says that it can also mean William's Buddy. So, he is still the WB, it just has some different definitions.
Anyway, they went to PetSmart to get a cuttlebone for the berd who is laying eggs, she has 5 of them. I hope they turn into baby berds, but Mum says they are "duds", poor baby Dud berds.

They were also on the search for food for me, but I guess the "Smart" didn't have the kind that she wants to get me, so she has to go to the "Co" tomorrow, but WB thought I should have some new cool shiny bowls.
Check out that neato looking ded toona on there, he thought that was pretty pawsome looking and I have to agree:
Here I am testing out the food bowl, with the neato ded toona. The water bowl is pretty nice too, it doesn't have a ded toona on it, but that's ok


Grrreta said...

Do you perch on the back of that chair when your humans are sitting in it? It looks like an excellent place to sit while snoopervising. I really like your shiny new ded tuna bowl. I bet food tastes even better in such a cool bowl.

Nikita Cat said...

Such cool pictures!

I especially like the one of you on the chair!

We don't have a couch a the moment, and so I miss being able to do the same thing as you!


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