The grass. Is. Short!

See this nice long grass that I am happily munching on? Get a good look, because the next photo that Mum takes will look different. Some people came over yesterday, they had noisy machines, one was pushed along the grass, the other was a long thingy that Mum called a weed whacker. I was very offended by the noise, the smells, and the fact that they were cutting my grass. So now, the grass is all short and, and, well just plain short. Luckily they missed a few little spots and there were some long pieces left behind.
What made this somewhat ok was that I met three nice girls who are the daughters of the lead mowing man, too bad I was all upset about the shortening of my grass and I was not in the mood to be my usual friendly and amicable self. I hope they forgive me for my shyness, if they return under quieter circumstances I promise to be more welcoming, since they seemed to like me. I usually try to greet my fans warmly.


KC said…
O, I hates it when tha yard peoples come an cut tha grass and make noise. An they skare all tha froggies and lizzies away from tha winders. An tha birdies.
I really sympathize wif you.
It will grow back purrty fast, though.
Love & Purrs,
Kea said…
It's never fair when your grass is cut, but like KC said, it'll grow back fast. And when it does, all those grass stalks will be new and fresh and extra-yummy to nom!
Daisy said…
Sorry your nice long grass got ruint!
AFSS said…
Our boy beans and Daddy cut our grass and we has to say they do it way to often. We hopes your grass grows back soon.
Suzanne said…
aww. mai mommy doesn't let me out of teh house, but she bought meh a pot with yummy kitteh grass an' dirt in it. It was tasty and smelled good! but den i knocked it ovah and she wuz all lyk "no moar 4 u."

maybe ur human can get you some grass to noms.
- Nicky
The Island Cats said…
We're glad they left you a few longer grasses for you to munch on...
Well, if your yard grows like the weed in our yard, it will be back by tomorrow.
Our person does the grasses here. Not that we get to go out or anything so we ignore him.
Furkidsmom said…
We only look at that nommy grass from the window. You're lucky to be able to snack on it.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
Our mom cuts da grass waaaaay to least now it's either to hot and humid (she don't wanna pass out) or it's raining and she can't cut it. Maybe in a week or so it will be really tall and Zippy can hide in it again.

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