The coolest thing ever!

My Mum came home with a friend today, they brought something for me!!

I have my very own tall tower!! I can climb all over it, there are seating areas and I can scratch it alot. Her friend was giving it away because it had been taking up space in her garage since her kitty Snoopy got lost. If you are out there Snoopy, I hope you are ok, you are missed.

I still can smell something on it, I guess it must be other cat smell, it's not too offensive, just intriguing. The other lady tried her best to clean it up.


The Island Cats said…
How cool!! We bet you'll put that to good use!!
That's a very nice tower! You are lucky.
Kea said…
We're very sorry that Snoopy is lost, but are glad the kitty condo is being put to good use.
Sparkle said…
What a great tower! I feel bad for Snoopy, though...

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