Talented Tabby Tuesday

I have mad skillz, you can't make me stay out if I don't wanna stay out. Ok, ok, I always wanna be out, but if there is a screen blocking me I'm gonna move it.



WOW!!!! That is a great talent William!!! We wish we could open a door like that!!
Your TX furiends,
The Island Cats said…
That's pretty impressive, William!
Kea said…
Wow, that's impressive! We haven't learned how to do that, though our human certainly wishes we would! Then she wouldn't have to get up every two minutes (or less) to let us out and in, out and in, out and in (to our enclosed back yard).
Uh, aren't you supposed to close the door behind you so you don't let in flies? You are pretty impressive with your screen door opening skill.

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