Quality time with the Berd

So, me and the Berd were spending some quality time together on the back of the couch today.

Once again, I was just trying to get to "know" her better, but Mum kept saying "William, No", or "Hey!" to me
Thanks to Mum's defense shields, this Berd has no obvious fear of this cat, this stalking machine of doom, she is not scared of me. What berd would sit and preen in the face of their predator? Guess I need a new tactic.
I'll just stare at you with contempt for now Berd...you win this time...


Katnip Lounge said…
William, there's winning the battle, and winning the war...good thing you are so patient. We'd have feathers all over the house. We are Bad Cats!

According to Mommy, that is.
Hmm... that is one brave bird..
Sparkle said…
I don't think any of us could be left in the same room as a bird. Even with a human present!
Sweet Praline said…
I don't think any bird would be safe in a room with this senior ladycat, either.
The Island Cats said…
Wow, that is one brave berd.
(oh we just saw Chey said the same thing!)
Kea said…
OMC! There's no way we'd able to be left in a room with a loose bird. Seriously.

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