Surprise Gifts are pawsome!

I got THE coolest surprise today. I had kind of forgotten that I entered a contest on Percy's blog back in December and was chosen as the winner.
Today a big Fedex box came to the house today. Mum saw it when she pulled up in the driveway and wondered to herself "what is coming via Fedex?" She picked it up and it had my name on it, not her's. She brought it in for me, just as I was going out back to do my patrols and daily bird watching, so I let her open it for me. When I came back in I was very impressed to see a whole bunch of great gifts.

There is this neato round thing with this crazy ball that I just can't grab, it had some preemo nip that Mum put on the scratchy part in the middle that got me a little loopy.

It also had some yummy food samples from Taste of the Wild, it is my favorite flavor FISH. More specifically trouts and salmons. I think it's quite delish.
What's even better is that they gave me a gift certificate, so I can have Mum go online and buy a big bag of that yummy food!

Thanks again for picking me Percy!!


Katnip Lounge said…
How fun! A surprise in the post...with more to come, too. We have one of those ball tracks and it is funfunfun!
Sparkle said…
Cool gifts! Percy certainly knows how to pick 'em out!
Very cool! Congratulations!
Oh wow, we see what yoo mean about a great surprise purresent! Toys, nip and tasty treats...
Daisy said…
Have fun at the track!!!!
WB said…
Gratz William!!

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