Sunday, April 10, 2011

Please Vote

This is for the shelter that my Mum works at and the one I was adopted from:

Get Your Wag On and Vote!

Santa Barbara County Animal Services is stepping up to an ASPCA challenge that will provide cash prizes to the participating agencies that greatly increase the adoption of dogs and cats. On behalf of the great critters in our community, through this project we can find more permanent homes for animals and bring in more funding to support our shelters. It’s a win/win!

You can help us make it into the select group of competing agencies by simply voting for Santa Barbara Animal Services online once per day, between April 4 through April 15. If we rank in the top 50 agencies, we will be in the competition to increase dog and cat adoptions between July through October. The percentage increase in adoptions will result in cash prizes for agencies of up to $100,000. Can you imagine how much we could do to help animals in our community with those funds?

Please click on the link below daily and vote. Send this email to all of your friends and encourage them to vote. Vote for all of the dogs and cats in Santa Barbara County who need permanent homes, those who have loving homes, and those animals who will need homes in the future! J

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