Practice ride

Today I went for Mum what called "A practice ride". I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be practicin for but she said that we have to do it. I have no problems with the carrier, I actually purr when I'm in it and I go in with no disagreement, however when the truck starts moving that's when I'm not so sure. There was a lot of meowin going on. We went out drivin for about 20 minutes, the meowing lasted the whole 20 minutes.
She says she is planning to get a better carrier for the truck, that way I'll be safe and comfortable. Are any of you road trip kitties? Do you have any advice for us, cause I think I'm gonna be a road trip kitty soon or sumthin.


Katnip Lounge said…
No advice here, we howled from Chicago to Las Vegas. 1800 miles of feline opera. Mommy says it was "incredible". And other things.
Max said…
Dood, I'm an expert on long car rides. All you need to do is talk nonstop. People love that. Talk, sing, anything to keep your people from being stuck with silence. Trust me. I've done the M-word across country a couple of times, and my contribution over 4 days each way was loved by all...
Sparkle said…
Heh. Good luck! Road trips and me do not get along.
Kea said…
We're not road trip kitties at all. We "sing" every time we have to go to the v-e-t. We hate being confined and we don't like being in the taxis!

Good luck!

-Fuzzy Tales
When my staff moved from Colorado to Connecticut, little brother Wart yowled the whole way. He even managed to bite through his soft side carrier enough to stick his nose out!

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