3rd blogoversary

As a way to commemorate my blogoversary I am reposting my first ever blog post from back in the days when I went by Willie.

Friday, May 23, 2008

New Home and new blog

Hi there everybody, I'm Willie! I hear that cats that blog are the coolest, so I have decided to begin a career as a blogging cat. My new best human friend said that she'd help me write it, since I'm young and don't type well. My cat blog idol is Skeezix the cat, he's the ultimate in cool cats and I hope to be half as good as him at blogging.
This has been a totally tiring day, I got adopted this morning and have been going non-stop, exploring my new house, getting to know the people, finding new toys. It's been fun, but I'm bushed. Oh I found the funnest toy ever, I was told that it is called a pencil, it's grate to play with and carry around in my mouth, I don't chew on it, I just bat it around and it rolls all over.
Anyway, it's time to snooze on my friend's lap now.
TTYL, Willie


ArtemisiaFSS said…
Happy blogversary. We likes playing with pencils too, pens are also good toys.
Fuzzy Tales said…
Happy 3rd blogoversary! Here's to many more blogging years to come!
Happy blogoversary! What a cute little wee one you were back then...and still are!
Happy Blogoversary! What a great way to celebrate!
Gracie =^o.o^= said…
Happy Blogoversary and Happy late Gotcha Day. Hope you have many, many, many, times many more years of fun blogging!!
Willie, you were cute. Now you're handsome. Happy Blogoversary.

And hopefully this time the comment will go through. :)
Alexi said…
Happy Blogoversary!! from all of us at da Castle.
Max said…
Sparkle said…
Happy blogoversary, William!!!
Fin said…
Happy Blogoversary and belated Gotcha Day!
Tuxedo Gang said…
Happy 3rd Blogoversary and many, many, many mooore!! We remember you from you first day of Blogging!! And we love your kitten picture!!
Your TX furiends,
The Island Cats said…
Happy Blogoversary!!
Grrreta said…
Squeeeee! What a cute picture! Happy Blogoversary!

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