Whapped her

Don't you just hate it when the peepul pay attention to everything else besides you? Well Mum was paying attention to the WB last night so when she got in bed I whapped her in the face when she got under the blankets. She pushed me out of bed at that point. She didn't know until this morning that I made a little scratch on her nose. How else am I supposed to get my point across?? I am the cat! Not to be ignored.


Katnip Lounge said…
William, I snagged my Mommy in the face once, too! Now she has a little scar to remember me by for all time.

Yr Pal, Maui

::beaming with pride::
Sparkle said…
I jump on my human's desk and slap her frequently. Usually it is with my claws in, though. Usually.
Hoping one and all had a very happy Christmas.

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