This stinks.

Come on Mum, let me go outside!! I see stuff out there that I need to check out.

Please??. Being stuck inside is the pits.

This is the new couch I told you about last night.


Marg said…
Wow, that is one fancy couch. You sure have plenty of room on it. Looks really comfy too. It is fun to go outside and check things out but it can be dangerous too.Take care. Nice to meet you.l
Fuzzy Tales said…
Well, if you came over here you could go out into our little back space, but it's close to -20C right now, so we don't think you'd WANT to set a paw out!

We think your new couch looks VERY comfy and would be the perfect spot to curl up and nap away a winter day!
Katnip Lounge said…
Well, your Mom is a meanie! Why she doesn't want to go outside and play with you in the cold snow is beyond us.
Your new couch looks great!
Sparkle said…
Might as well hang out on the couch and sulk!
A kitty can really stretch out on that couch!

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