Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nothing happening

Sorry you haven't seen me all week, but I've had nothing to report.  It's been pretty quite around here.  The only eventful thing that happened this week is that Mum broke the bedtime rules the other night.  She thought she would let me sleep with her for the first time since we moved out of the hotel in December.  I sleep in my own room here at the house and I am closed in there over night.  I have my litter, water, and my sleeping kennel, so it's fine with me.  She thought it would be fun to share the bed with me in the peepul bedroom.  Boy was she wrong.  I don't think either one of slept much all night.  Of course I had to check on stuff every so often, then I had to get up and move around because she kept moving around.  So we were both moving around all night long.  Last night we put things back to normal and we both got good night sleeps.

In other news.  We are watching the Frozen Planet show on Discovery channel and they just had these ginormous beasts on there.  They were at the land of the Elephant Seals and the big Man-Seal, The Beach Master as they called him was dueling another Man-Seal.  It was some serious Man-Seal war, a rather ugly event.  But the Beach master won and was able to keep all of his Lady Seals.

What do you bloggers who use Blogger think of this new format.  We just saw it today.  Its different for sure.

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Cheysuli and gemini said...

It's good to have quiet days. Then you can nap!


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