Observation post

Oh what a nice picture of my backyard.  How I do love it so.  Click to biggify and see if you can see who is out there...

Oh!  There he is!

This is my favorite fall observation spot.  From here I am in range of the skwerls and birds that come to get the acorns that the tree drops. I always make sure the skwerls jump back over the fence when I come out, then I defend the yard from them until I go back in. The tree has been falling apart lately, all of its leaves are on the ground, when they pile up next to the fence they make a nice bed for me to lay in.


Sparkle said…
Wow, that is a nice yard! I bet you get lots of quality viewing time there!
How we would love to play at your yard. It's beautiful!
Timmy Tomcat said…
Hoo Cat what a fun yard!
We are insiders but Pops says that some day we may have a big fenced in yard too!
PS is Anonymouz a robot! Bad Robot! Bad Spam! HISSSSSS!
Timmy T

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