Video footage

Here is some backyard video footage of the big discussion that Introoder Kitty and I had.



Fuzzy Tales said…
Hmm, "discussion" is a bit understated....
Gracie=^o.o^= said…
Welcome to the Tabby Cat Club! So glad to have you as a member. The mom has your badge made and will send tonight to you. Sorry it took her so long but this was even longer than usual for her. What to do!? Oh what to do?????
Interesting discussion outside I will say.
Welcome to the Tabby Cat Club. You sure told that intruder off. ~Socks
Father Tom said…
No mincing words here!

Welcome to the club, William!

Tom & Mitty
Hannah and Lucy said…
Welcome to the Tabby Cat Club William - I am Lucy and I'm a member too but my Mum is always forgetting to let me visit there.
BTW my mum's first ever cat was called William!!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
ps Hannah isn't a TCC Member as she's a tuxie.
Welcome to the Tabby Cat Club. If you need any help maybe we can all come over and scare that introoder off.
sparkyspitfire said…
That's teh stuff. you showed him.

welcome to teh club. hope we has many secret adventures together!
Gracie=^o.o^= said…
Hey sweet one you have been featured in a post at the TCC. Again, welcome to the club.
Does the intruder have a home? He might be lonely and make a good friend? But percy is still unwelcoming to Micah, so these things take time.
Timmy Tomcat said…
You Tell him whats what!
Welcome to TCC
Karen Jo said…
You sure told him. Welcome to the Tabby Cat Club.

Hi Willie!! We loved your discussion with the intruder Kitty!
Howdy from your TX furiends,

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